i would luke to strike a blow for the contract market (taxi. police cars etc) a way to make a certain car according a pre designed spec and price.

“UK gov wants to buy 126 white sedans with power stearing called “Project X” latest day X”

this would open up a special market slot to sell to


This would get my vote.

There could be a fine or penalty if the demand is not met.

such as a financial loss, or brand reputation reduction, equally, with meeting the demand, it could improve your brand awareness with a financial gain.


Agreed. there were a simular version in “Car tycoon” but it was never fully implemented.

Specified car, model, and colors, then you would “bid” on that to get the contract.


I really love this idea. Also the idea of the contract with the taxi or police or something. Maybe there could be some “hidden” features on a car, like beacon lights for the “police / firedepartment etc.”. Also giving the fire department red cars etc.

Vote up!