Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts do not always use the rigth next step.

In the top there is 2 Chassis Assemblers, the lower one feeds the 3 lower Fit Body, while the top one only feed the top Fit body, it never feed the 3 others.

In the button there is the same there is 4 Fit Engine and 2 Fit Accessories. The 3 first only go to the first Fit Acc. while the top one only goes to the top one.

This make trafic chaos on the Conveyors, and all stations is connectet


Hey preben,

it’s about the direction of your conveyors:

(sorry for the size but the direction marking is hard to see at such crossings)

To solve this situation it could be usefull to merge/join the streams of 2 or assembly stations befor splitting up to the next step of the production line.
Here one example:

I hope this will help a bit.

Kind regards

Yes it helps. found a way around, it just take some more space…

Hehe, yes, some more space is needed but there is another advantage: you can parallize your production line in a very easy way.


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