Conveyor Crossroads

Hi all,

Quick questions about conveyors my maps getting a bit crowded and i need to add a crossing in my conveyor system the only problem is i have cars which double back on themselves and hold up production once they hit the next slot.

Here’s my example, id like my painted cars to go from A to B and My unpainted from C to D the problem is when i add the crossing some cars will go from A to D back into the paint area stopping the line. I know i don’t have a crossroads in the pic i have been manually letting cars thought when i get a backlog.

Is what i want possible or am i doing it wrong

To be honest I’m not sure. This may not be possible right now. However, we already added smart T-junctions and that is the first step towards proper programmable junctions in the future where we may be able to do this sort of thing.