Conveyor Selector


It would be nice to have the opertunity to for example after the “Fit Engine” have the ability to split the conveyor like
4 goes Left
6 goes Right
For the possibility to sent em to different stations for different mounting.

Or the opertunity to have some kind of station where you set the fittings for the car models you wanna make and then have like

Standard Car x 80

Standard Car w. AC x 40

and so on. Otherwise it makes you do a very big factory basically for all functions you already have on your line.


Looks like you hunt the same goal just with a different method than a design based production line as mentioned here:

Your idea sounds simple but still could result in hundreds of car variants you can’t controll at the beginning but have to solve when it arrives at the
Export slot.
But in fact it would allow to manage how often a special upgrade at the next step will mounted to a vehicle. So it’s something to think about …


i am working on a “subassembly” mod that give you the ability to build diffrent components and deliver them to the line in accordence with the line requirement.

for example.

if you want 2 lines, one fitting standard seats and one fitting seats with leather, the “make seat” assembly has been split so that you can produce seats with leather as final assembly.

that way you can make it so that the take rate off diffrent versions are higher / lower.

on top of that im looking in to making conveyors with diffrent speeds.

so a connector conveyor between left and right assembly line runs at 50% speed it would limit the amount of vehicles produced on one side. if you then limit the upgrades avalible at that side you would endup with diffrent variants. and in the set amount you would want 1/3 1/4 etc. however the game is about making cars, fast and forcing profit out of the added parts in a higest possible rate. not about making variants for the market.