Cool Idea or?

In the much-talked about-one-day-will-be-finished campaign game…

You could start off with a certain race (say…Rebels). And then if you defeat the Empire on a planet with a shipyard, you could add Empire ships to your fleet, and be ‘mixed-race’ :smiley:
Could be fun?

Oh my yes. And could possibly create some new mixed-fleet strategies based on the different races’ strengths (core of Empire shield tanks backed up by insanely fast Rebel skirmish cruisers?). Plus, there’s the coolness factor. Which GSB is brimming with anyway.

That’d be too gratuitous! (Not.)

I’d love to see that. It’d definitely be pretty cool to add a variety of ships to a semi-persistent fleet.

That would be great! Would DLC shipyards be available for those who have it?

When you are doing mixed fleets in the campaign game, would you consider also adding it for challenges? It would make for some great tactical choices!

hmmm best of all races fleet FTW

The current plan is that the campaign will basically just ignore DLC you don’t have, so you could just play the whole thing with only the base game.
In terms of mixed fleets for the main game, this would be ‘reasonably’ easy to code in. Not on the immediate list, but doable. There is no technical reason for it not to happen now, its just the Ui that prevents you selecting a mixed fleet.

Thanks :smiley:

Great idea - I would really like to mix-and-match fleets. Balance may be more of an issue for you - that’s the only down-side I can see.

I dunno. Part of playing a side is understanding it’s weaknesses.

It seems like it would be a race for Empire to pick up as many Tribe or Rebel ships (for example) as possible.

I have to agree that it would be somewhat hard to balance that.

I may have another idea though. How about when you win a battle you gain access to a number of enemy hulls equal to how many enemy ships survived the battle. For example say you’re playing as the Empire and win the battle with 2 Rebel Valkyrie cruisers left alive. During the next mission you gain access to two Valkyrie cruiser hulls to use in your fleet. Of course if those hulls are destroyed in any following battles you lose them.

I personally like this idea because it rewards the player for doing extremely well against enemy fleets in previous battles. It would also forces people to actually really plan their battles because if they don’t win whatever battle they put their “captured” ships into they lose those ships.

It could be implemented in a way similar to the module limits in place in some scenarios now with the difference being it is an actively changing limit.

Indeed. I had also toyed with you effectively ‘capturing’ any enemy ships left over when the battle ends, intact with their modules. In theory. if it was worth spending months on this, there could be special boarding party modules that allowed you to do that.
Bu then, boarding party modules would be something that could be put in place in the main game anyway.

Capturing enemy ships would make it more balanced than just getting access to all enemy ships, but allowing us to chance some of the modules would be nice. (For example, as the Empire, put some Empire beam lasers next to the Alliance lighting beams on a ship)

red shirt crew pods FTW

Weapons module similar to the fighter mine but launches boarding missiles.

new crew pods with security detachments to decreas chance of modules being destroyed/ship taken over

do it
do it


Mixing fleets would be good for campaign, but for challenge i would like to avoid it. As it is now, player tend to use certain race specific combinations, and if they got the chance, they would create very similar fleets most the times, as it is now each race is balanced in a way, but by combining strengths of several races, and avoiding their drawbacks, you could construct some nasty fleets.

In campaign it would be fine, in case you deserve the different race ships, for example capturing of the ship would be nice, but i would limit cross race usage like you can capture and repair ships, but i will limit construction of ships of different race, for example by greatly increased coast or by limiting size of a ship you can build, or limit access to one or two cheaper hulls in each class.

On further reflection, I am not sure mixing races at all is a good idea. Right now, the game is very balanced. Individual modules and hulls are not, but each race as a whole is good. If we can mix and match, this will be broken. At a minimum, please don’t allow mixing in challenges, but perhaps not at all.

along what RogenTAU said, I’d love to see this in campaign only. But I disagree in that other races can’t be built by the player. If a ship is captured, then it can be used in campaign and repaired but not refitted or new ones commissioned.

While combined-races shouldn’t be in challenge, I would support the idea that if your boarding party captures an enemy ship in a challenge, you capture that ship’s loadout. So the player can then load his enemy’s ship design in the creation screen. Could be very cool for revenges where the player gets beat on his own challenge by his own ship types!

When you capture a shipyard, do you gain access to certain hulls, or all of the hulls of a race?

Depending on how long the campaign is, you could have one planet with a fighter shipyard, another with the frigate shipyard, and a third planet with the cruiser shipyard for a race.

Another idea would be to have new tech on one of the planets like a new module or weapon that could only be used in that campaign once discovered.

A very cool idea. It would add a sense of progression, especially since your conquering/defeating the other races (I assume) in the campaign (Is it going to have a story beyond: Kill everyone! A new, more powerful alien species might be fun in that it’d give a challenge for the multi-racial fleet. Neverminding the fact it’s a sci-fi stereotype)

If not, to counterbalance it, you should fight mixed opponent fleets (The Federation and Spiderii Alliance have formed a military pact - expect to fight mixed fleets! etc)

This is the current plan. There are shipyards in 4 classes, repairyards only, and then fighter, frigate or cruiser class yards. The bigger ones can produce the smaller ships too. (So cruiser yards can build anything, frigates can build frigates or fighters). Any shipyard can repair any ship.

I suppose theres nothing wrong with being able to produce another factions ships, since it would be purely optional. I don’t like it myself though, it would make the campaigns rather similar once you got any distance into them. At least in terms of what options you get.

The thing to definitely avoid is having a shipyard only produce ships of its own race, because then you end up almost forced to build other races ships instead of your own. Well, if there’s any travel time involved, anyway… if you’re invading The Tribe through The Empire’s former territory, it would be faster to replace your losses with Empire ships instead of your own (whatever those might be).