Cooperation with new indi game


Hi Cliff, everyone

I am a new indie game developer, with my debut (web-based) game coming up in a few months. I have a working demo version and I am looking
for beta testers and heavy gamers to fill in the data… to feed the monster… I would like to hear about coop opportunities and show
a little demo of the beast…



i just wanted to add that the game genre would be something simish with a F.B.I theme and the engine is almost pure javascript
i run on my own budget + f&f and have secured financial support for a year from now.

forgive me, but i hate capitals.


I am a heavy gamer with some experience in beta-testing…

Have played pretty much every pc game worth of notice in sin 1991.
Still play some web-based games like Kol,Monsterfight,DarkPirates, etc

i believe i can be of some assistance to your project.
contact me at

i will fill you up with more details of my experiences.

Good luck with the game