Cooperative / Vulture

I don’t find that the coop and vulture commands work the way I would expect. I feel that if you activate coop that the nearby ships no longer worry about range, that they all focus-fire on one ship. I understand that perhaps two sets of them could be engaged simultaneously, so my ships might be cooperating against two ships. Assuming this is true, if i have vulture enabled as well it seems the ships still are divided and they don’t perform as i would expect.

Anyone else having issues with this?

What is the engagement radius of these orders?

Does Cooperative have a trigger delay to avoid a potential constant shift in targeting?

With whom are the ships Cooperating? Every ship in the fleet?

Which ship is cooperatively targeted? The one attacked by the most friendly ships? Or by the nearest?

How much more than another ship does a ship have to be damaged before the vulture order activates?

Does vulture activate specifically on ships below a specific damage percentage?

Once targeted, will a ship carry out the vulture order and pursue, even past other enemy ships, without re-targeting?

The orders need more information on them, either in the game or in the manual. Also, a control on their trigger radius needs to be added to the orders. Since the radius is best controlled according to the speed, range and abilities of the ship.