Copy and Paste Formations

I tend to deploy large numbers of units. Placing them all individually takes up considerable amounts of time, especially for frigate swarms, or large numbers of small fighter squadrons (Target painters.) Though the mass deploy option is helpful, it doesn’t work well when setting up close formations. I’d like to be able to set up a smaller block of ships and then copy that block to fill out my deployment.

i second this! :smiley:

And something so we can shoe formations in the forums, though i dont know alot about these vbulletin boards.

There is a print screen button. The picture is saved in Documents/Mygames/Gratuitousspacebattles

Ya but can you hover over your mouse and see whats what? Or a make up of a ship?

Yes as a new player, I would love to be able to create individual formations, like 1 cruiser with 3 escort firgates and orders, and save that. Then be able to place multiples of that formation all over the map. would definately speed up deployments.

You can mod phpBB but it’s a lot of work. I would not recommed Cliff to delve into that. The code is not very well structured, so it’s a pain to maintain your changes each time phpBB updates. (and you do want the updates for security reasons)

Yes! Copy-paste for formations would be incredibly time saving!