Copy and Paste

Some challenges are ludicrously large, and tempt me to use more homogeneous fleets simply as a way to avoid creating the same formation, complete with orders, from scratch, ten times.

Could we have a clipboard?


would be enough to make the saveable deployments a global (race-specific global) thing

and i think that this stuff alone is taking the very most time of my gameplay from the whole game… if i could cut down on this i could spend more time watching the dakka

I know what you mean. :frowning: Anything which can helpfully reduce the time lost to logistical overhead is a Very Good Idea. I don’t mind placing my units and giving orders; I do mind feeling like a 3rd-class Supply Clerk.

Time spent in not watching dakka is time wasted. :stuck_out_tongue:

If deployments could be loaded for wrong maps, that would be awesome.

In accordance with the “Moar pewpew, less QQ” principals of GSB, I support this idea.