Corportation Tax

I recently cancelled corporation tax - this should increase the wealth of the population as shown in the sliders, however when I cancelled it the income tax income stayed the same - at the least this should increase GDP but there seems to be no effect to cancelling the tax? Is this just me not understanding it or is it a bug?

You can see all the effects each policy has. If you click on the blue income history button on the income tax policy screen you can see that the revenue it generates is proportional to gdp. Cancelling corporation tax at the start of the game eliminates the effect it has on GDP, namely -0.15%, so in theory your income tax increased a tiny amount. Were you expecting a bigger change?

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This was at the tail end of the game where i was running out of policies. I wanted to increase the income tax income and it seemed logical if lower corporation tax = higher wages this in turn would = more money generated by income tax. However i saw literally no change in income tax infact it actually dropped a little.

Seems like GDP was capped at 1, since you had most of policies.

Effect would be visible early, just a bit.

Why would the effects be capped though, personally that doesn’t make sense to me. Sure enough the impact would be lower but it should/would have some impact in real life so to cap it feels a bit strange.

Everything is capped between 0 and 1 or -1 and 1.
This is how that and earlier games were done - it is neural network of some sort.
Disposable income if first ever thing, that doesn’t conform to that.

@cliffski is considering logistic functions, and hopefully suggested changes to voter group and voter approvals, that would make it harder to deviate from 50%.

I’m not going to pretend to understand that, but capping income be it from taxes or wages doesn’t seem realistic - but at least I know now there is a cap on the income so thanks!

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Absolutely everything is capped except for disposable income - this is how game was done.