Correlating immigration and income from taxes

I think it would be a good idea to implement a correlation between those two things.

It can only makes sense that the more legal immigrants there are, the more you are going to earn with taxes.
A very simple equation.

More immigrants = more GDP

As of now high rates of immigration only serves to make liberals happy in the game.

They don’t do this at all.

Where, in your screenshot, do you see Liberals being pleased by high Immigration?

Also, while Illegal Immigration should definitely HURT tax income, I can’t see any reasonable argument for why legal immigration should HELP it.

We already have “Citizenship for Sale” (charging for immigration, letting the rich in with less vetting) as a policy option, and the decrease to Wages already has an indirect effect on increasing GDP (although the whole in-game relationship between Wages, Productivity, Unemployment, and GDP is horribly screwed up and unrealistic. Unemployment should depress GDP, for instance, whereas high Wages should have a very strong effect increasing Productivity. Economic output, in real life, is simply the multiplication product of the size of the workforce times the per-worker hourly Productivity and length of the Working Week… Everything that affects GDP, does it by directly or indirectly affecting one of these three numbers- although this is hard to see when, for instance, people work for free by volunteering or doing something economically productive as a hobby/gig/cottage industry, or work under the table and aren’t reported in employment figures.)

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Well, while Liberals don’t actually get satisfied by all-time high immigration statistics, relaxing immigration rules or anti-immigration measures such as border control does appease them.

I’d also agree illegal immigration might hurt tax revenue or even fuel tax evasion but not sure how severe it should be. I’ve heard that many of the undocumented in US do pay taxes somehow.

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Well, the more people in the country, the more the tax revenue for the government.
Not only that, but more people in the country means more consumers for corporations, adding to their profits and subsequently to the overall GDP of the country.

Also, when inevitably in this scenario corporations earn more, then the tax revenue for the Corporation Tax goes higher.

It should be pretty logical, and its the main non-emotional argument in favor of mass immigration, the GDP goes higher.

Here, liberals love ethnic minorities and almost every policy you do in their favor will reflect positively on them.

and your big budget policies will consume more money as there are more recipients. so I see a point of “let’s just ignore population instead of inflating everything and thus ending up affecting effectively nothing.”

Not if your country isn’t a giant welfare state like the United States currently.