Corruption affecting policy finances

New feature coming to the game with the next update. The level of average minister effectiveness AND corruption both feed into the financial impact (cost/income) of policies and are now both shown at the bottom of the finance summary screens. Corruption costs!

Even better … this tooltip will now show you exactly how much the competence or otherwise of this minister is affecting this policies income or cost. Like a real-time incompetence-calculator for your cabinet! (also works for corruption)


I’m very glad that this game has new concepts around the corner, I was worrying that it would just be Democracy 3 and Democracy 3 Africa with extra steps and only contributing with new looks.

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Will that influence Tax Evasion? Will low corruption result in a greater tax tolerance before Evasion kicks in?

Hmmm. interesting point. Obviously its easy to link corruption to tax evasion. Currently there is no such link. Should there be though? Are you suggesting that if officials are corrupt, tax evasion becomes easier? I can see that argument. I might add a small effect.

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I think that he says that people could agree with higher tax rates as long as there is less corruption.

Aha yup thats another good point. One I sympathize with too!

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People also would agree with high taxes, if quality of life is good, and everyone’s civil rights are respected too.