Corruption and Inflation Mod

Corruption and Inflation Mod

Corruption mod:

please give me ideas and if you want to help you are welcome just send me a pm

Can someone help me with icons for inflation and corruption, and for policies, anti-corruption department and money factory, thanks and please help me with ideas

  • add foreign relations to effects, high level of corruption negatively affects foreign relations
  • international trade could affect corruption
  • corruption could be affected by gdp → low gdp - higher corruption, high gdp - lower corruption
    perhaps an event where a company bribes to get an contract when gdp is high
  • also the level of state policies, like state health care, state schools, military spending etc. could have a positive effect on corruption (like the more state policies are active, the higher the chance of corruption or something like that)
  • an event when organ donation policy is active, where someone gets preferred (like we had here in germany not so long ago)
  • policies like small business grands could affect corruption
    maybe you could use the state employees as multiplicator, more employees, higher chance/level of corruption. something like, don’t know, like “something,a+(y*x)*stateemployees”

in my first topic about corruption rick comment that it would be a violent insulting to anyone who’s ever worked in the public sector

here is the quote

and probably he is right so i think that the multiplicator must be another thing but i don’t know

A few ideas for you to think about

It is a widespread scientific finding that the more money through the state gives more corruption therefore these could affect.

  • High level of state income. (maybe you can actually use the GDP values for something if it accessible) Income/Gdp --> corruption. Perhaps a exponential function ?
  • High level of State employees (Military spending, state schools, state health) Lowered by their Vouchers counterparts
  • Could be affected negatively by intelligence services/Police service

I dont think Wealthy should be affected to much by Corruption as it is ussaualy the better off people who receive corruption money.
I think Poor and liberals are more likely to be offended by corruption

Situation: Media scandal for corruption? Presidential Tax fraud ? Corruption in Department that lower trust/effectiveness of that department (Corruption in Police Service --> Police service (price) x*%

Affected by

  • More money spend that income (similar to debt crises i guess, but maybe not locked to debt but to quarterly turnover).
  • Rise in public spending
  • Lowering tax level
  • Lowered by foreign aid ?

Positive effect on environmentalist ? ( Some environmentalist thinks environment and economy growth are irreconcilable, hence they must see economic decline as positive)

Thanks for ideas some of them are hard to implement but i’ll try

i followed the old thread and have seen it, but i thought it was meant the way that by making the state employees a direct reason for corruption you would insult every real life state employee. Nonetheless, there are also corrupt state employees in real life (take greece as an example), which does not mean that every state employee is corrupt. by using the state employees as multiplicator you could reflect that the more state employees there are, the higher is the possible number of corrupt state employees

just to make that clear, since in our times every word gets a political correctness check, some people seem to stop thinking as soon as they think they found/heard/read something political incorrect and fall in a state/mode of political correctness rage, i don’t think every state employee is corrupt, they do a good job and i’m more than grateful for them doing a job i probably couldn’t do as well

ok so you are saying that a percentage of state employees will be corrupt? i don’t know the equation for that

I think its fair to assume more corruption in countries with a massive pubic service sector. (Everything else equal there is more money to take). I wouldn’t say its a insult to every state employee, same things happens in the private sector but then it have different names. IE Tax fraud, Nepotism, Black money/market, stock manipulation. (If chief of the public hospital put some extra money into his own pocket its corruption, if chief of private hospital do it, he moves money from the company to his own accounts, or manipulate stock value to own gains)

neither do i, perhaps this will make clear what i tried to say, the more state employees there are, the higher the chance that one may take a bribing or take public money he not ought to be taking or however the corruption takes place. since they are humans, they are able to fail the same as every other human. as far as i see this, your job doesn’t make you immune to certain misbehaviour

i’m making the icons right now

How about a policy dilemma for nominating a chair of the central bank? Two options a Keynesian economist and a Neo-classic economist.

Keynesian chair would lead to slightly higher wages, lower employment and inflation over time. Socialist would like the Keynesian economist.
Neoclassical would lead to lower inflation, slightly lower wages over time. Capitalist, wealthy, conservatives would be happier with a neoclassic economist.

An over simplified view but its an idea.

That’s really cleaver, I like that idea. Though i think Keynesian chair should lead to increased inflation. I know that’s not what it ought to be in theory but i suspect that’s reality as government with Keynesian economy policy tend to favor higher wages in short run over lower inflation in long run.

And i think middle class with favor Keynesian also. While i suspect liberalist (at least outside US) will favor Neoclassical. (As in market is better off if we don’t regulate)

Inflation increase when the goverment can’t afford the expenditure and impress money so with “money factory” policy you can impress money but it will generate inflation

First Version available

Corruption and Inflation Mod v1.0


Corruption and Inflation Mod v1.0:
Added 2 policies
Added 2 blue icons (stadistical data)
Added 4 icons

didn’t work for me since the config file is wrong,

the path given is Inflation,

[config] name = "Inflation" path = "Inflation" guiname = "Inflation" author = "joaco335" description = "Inflation and Corruption Mod"
should be Inflation and Corruption

[config] name = "Inflation" path = "Inflation and Corruption" guiname = "Inflation" author = "joaco335" description = "Inflation and Corruption Mod"

after changing this it worked. by playing a bit and checking the csv’s i saw there is no way to lower the level of inflation?
perhaps you could lower the starting levels? 0.5 and 0.55 seem bit to high to start with.
probably the level of inflation and corruption should be written into the mission files, so that every country starts with different levels

i need help to code that more gdp and more state employees = more corruption

here is the code
#,Corruption,Corruption,“An indicator of the level of corruption in your country, you can low it by the Anti-Corruption Department”,LAWANDORDER,0.2,0,1,HIGHBAD,,#,#,“MiddleIncome,-0.07-(0.15x)","Wealthy,-0.07-(0.15x)”,

it has to be between # and #


yeah i fix it just download again

First of all I would like to say I like your mod at ton! I would just like to suggest some more effect on Inflation

I think the money factory is a harsh simplicity of what curses inflation.
In many economies inflation is primarily created because the government use money. (IE government decide to use a lot of money on a Highway, The contractor payoff a lot of people to build the road, everyone go down to Walmart and buy a Xbox and to keep the supply of xboxes Walmart raise the price for xbox’es.) In a way its the same if the government lower taxes, people just dont have to work to get the extra money, but they still go down to walmart to buy xboxes.

So I think the inflation simulation should also be affected by Public spending and tax level.

How about inflation lower gdp? It seems reasonable to think that gdp will be lower if a countries money get worth less?
Alternative make public spending expenses higher. So that you need more money to keep the same level of public health, public schools and so on