Corruption should be harder to decrease

Dealing with corruption is a huge problem for many countries, just look at Africa and Latin America where there is a lot of corruption. Corruption shouldn’t be fixable by just implementing an anti-corruption agency and unexplained wealth orders. However, you can almost completely eradicate corruption this way in Democracy 4. I think it should be harder to decrease corruption in Democracy 4.


I agree Corruption should be tougher to fix.

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I’d assume that those come from statistics, name a country that has peaked the anti-corruption agency :angel:

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Probably, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (1.2 billion usd), the FBI Criminal Investigation Division (8.4 billion usd) and the UK’s equivalent anti-corruption agency, which has about 36.4 million pounds and 500 workers, but that’s not much. Plus, there’s much legalized corruption in the US, and many loopholes, so, I don’t know how that is represented in game (besides sate industries, do laws pertaining to the private sector yield similar increases in in-game corruption?).

You can check out the rest here:

List of anti-corruption agencies - Wikipedia

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