Cortex Command anyone?

Just wondering due to the fact that i have been playing it alot recently, does anyone else play it and if not i strongly recommend it!

i had never heard of it before, but i checked it out. ITS REALLY ADDICTING!!!

shoots down a dropship and gets a piece of debris in head SPLAT!


OMG YESH it surprised me that no one had already brought it up!!! Btw the mods are AWESOME :smiley: :smiley: i just ‘stopped’ a giant dummy invasion :smiley: (i failed really badly xD) drop ship parts always seem to search and destroy my face xD

I got it from the HIB 2 (Humble Indie Bundle) that appeared last Christmas.

The huge quantity of mods I’ve already installed for it provokes that my version of the game needs a couple of minutes to load lol. And I haven’t finished looking for old mods which could still be compatible with the newest version of the game…

It may still be in development but that game is pure awesome even without mods :slight_smile:

I got it from the HIB2 as well (internet-air-five) :slight_smile: what good mods/scenario’s do you have i have a few but i want MWOAR xD

im trying to learn modding in that game. a lot harder than gsb, but still pretty simple.

ima make mah USSN Walker!

Oooh cool :smiley:

its a long way to go-.-

so far ive only managed to make one rifle…

im working on my first actor. looks like crap…

i gotta learn pixel art…

I have faith in you :smiley:

dont expect anything soon…

may not get into it that much until the end of the summer, gotta finnish up mods here first :slight_smile:

i was just looking these forums that ive never checked before and found this post xD
Yeah im an old fan of CCMM a great game, i have the last version and i play it sometimes, also i’m a compulsive mod downloader from the official forums of that game ^^