Corvettes, Destroyers and Super-Cruisers

Hey all I have been kicking this around for a while and I’m now getting around to kicking this up online.

What I have done here is made two more frigate class ships, and a larger cruiser class ship. As for what they are the area as follows,
normal fighters go here.
Corvette, a smaller frigate class ship with ONLY two hardpoints and five support slots.
normal frigates go here.
Destroyer, a larger frigate class ship with EIGHT hardpoints and EIGHT support slots.
normal cruiser go here.
Super-Cruisers, A larger more massive cruiser with ten hardpoints and up to sixteen support slots.
Currently the rebel SuperCruiser only has 9/9, and the federation and alliance have 10/14 where as the imperials have a 10/16 super-cruiser, Before release I will have them all at 10/14, unless you like the difference in ships between the races.

Also as of right now the federation has THREE different types of super-cruisers a dedicated carrier platform with nine hardpoints and 17 support, and two different attack configurations of the supereagle cruiser, both witch are 10/14.

As of right now, I have only supercruiser for EACH of the base four races, and a corvette and destroyer for the federation done. I may be remaking the so called super-cruiser for each race with the exception of the Rebels SC as it is a custom model already. The Destroyer is a custom federation ship, and I have a newer corvette model one that will not use an enlarged fighter model.

IF you are willing to help with the models I’m looking for sleek slimline models for the corvettes, and larger yet slimlined models for destroyers, the supercruisers can be big fat and slow, Or they too can be sleek, slimline and shemksexy looking. Corvettes are smallest frigate, whereas the destroyer are larger but yet still smaller than a cruiser.

I bring to you the Federation Sliver Corvette,

The Federation (name) Destroyer,

The Federation Supereagle Carrier,

The Federation Supereagle MKI,

And the Federation Supereagle MKII,

Reserved for pictures and more stats of ships.

YES! finally someone that agrees on my vision of corvettes!

How do you call a frig with 12 hardpoint and 11 standards slot?

I don’t call a 12 hardpoint and 11 standard slot a frig, it is called (bass drumroll) mega mai. . . er wait its called a Super-Cruiser…

I could make a couple of Tribe SCs, although one suggestion: Rename Super Cruisers to Dreadnoughts or Juggernaughts.

I’ve been thinking or renaming them to Battleships, Its just I have the name Super Cruiser stuck in my head. heh.

And Soon Screenshots of the NEW federation Corvette and Destroyers ingame, and build screen shots.

I would LOVE it Wasabi of IP if you were to make the Tribe line of ships, Right now I’m looking for a single corvette, destroyer, and two SC’s One a carrier model with TONS of standard slots and little weapons, and a combat heavy model. I Am looking for models that are new, or kitbashes of already made ships.

Do I have someone willing to pick up one of the other race ship lines? And please please stick to the guild lines in the first post please, thank you.

EDIT: Is there a demand for space stations, aka Leviathans? IF so I think i can make em but That will ONLY be looked into AFTER I push out this curretn ship classes.

Here’s my first destroyer:

Its the ‘Organic’ Destroyer. I am at a loss for Tribe names D:
Tell me what you think, what needs more better stuff for bettering.

Anyways I think I’ll get started on the 'vette, a combination of the frigate spheres and fighter wings… hm…

EDIT: Giving your ship a white background helps, now I see those dots… :confused:

I’ll go ahead and put my latest creation up (still WIP). I plan on adding a hardpoint or two to the top most section. I’m creating an offshoot race of the order with large fortress ships, a few new modules, and no fighters.


i been looking for new federation vettes 2 play with…

care 2 post a link for download?



Hey dare gunny, As of right now this is not downloadable as i have balance tweaks to do with power and other hull bonuses ect ect. But it looks to be well designed so far. I’ll keep you up to date as it goes by.

Wasabi of IP,
Killer ship I do like her, As long as you make it longeer than wide in the hull file i think she will fit in with what I want, oh wait that is the destroyer. Can you make a corvette?

I sure can :slight_smile:

The Tribe Dusk Corvette!
The tribe ships are tricky to fit with your vision, as, their hulls are bulky spheres. Most of them are longer than wide, true, but the frigates are all circles. So combining that, I got a medium-wide ship that has 2 circles.
The Dusk 'vette is, imo, a WIP. I think it lacks a certain… something. But again, its not really streamlined as their fighters and frigates are wide.

EDIT: We need a “shipbuilding thread” where we can just post random ships we make and share advice :slight_smile:

It looks great for a tribe vette, whatca think about a supercruiser? maybe a carrier model and then a combat model? I’m thinking of hitting the federation ships with a sledge hammer and bogger together a better supercruiser other than just enlarging a model that already is in the game.

Also I agree with the ship builders thread.

double post, I have been messing around and I have put together this MASSIVE ship, I present to you the NEW Federation Super-cruiser hull, My cousin says It should be a battlecruiser and not a battleship for its name. Anyways here it is, by the way it is a 1024 by 1024.

Yes yes Those are extended and wider than normal engine pods that I edited to make like that and not stretched or enlarged in anyway other than copy and past.

Hey there Lonestar. :slight_smile: Thanks for showing off the current version of your new starships. It’s going to take a stupidly long time for me to do “hunt and destroy” on my keyboard, what with my arm woes, but at least the reader doesn’t have to read as slowly as i’m forced to type these days.

EDIT: At least I can add in my comments about your latest warship, too, now that ive slowly scribbled all of this critique about the five ships in your much earlier post. :slight_smile: Here we go…

The Mammoth-class looks interesting indeed. Depending on its actual combat capabilities (and its purchase price at the new-starship lot :wink: ), this graphic might be best suited for something much meaner than any kind of cruiser. A thorough read of this very interesting thread should help you figure out what sort of overall hull “class” you picture it eventually belonging to.

I don’t know how many of the graphics for its weapons bays are meant to be fully functional and how many are there just for show. The real question - above and beyond this very spiffy picture - is this: what role do you see this ship fulfilling within your fleet? The answer is what’s going to unlock the door presently standing between you and the detailed specs that the Mammoth will eventually have.

It’s a sliver, no a splinter, or maybe a thumb-tack… :stuck_out_tongue: I greatly enjoy the visual design of this hull. Nicely done, Lonestar!

FYI: Unless you make the extra effort of creating scaled-down graphics exclusively for hulls of this size, the existing assortment of available frigate guns will show on this extra-tiny hull as being truly gigantic. To me, that would spoil the graceful appearance of what you’ve created so far. For example: if the hull’s length is 45 meters, and the typical frigate hull is 90 meters long, then you’re looking at about a 200% increase in visible turret dimensions when plugging in the usual guns. Perhaps not totally unplayable, no, but visually distracting to say the least. Again, strictly my own artistic opinion.

Is there any particular reason that it has an unrealistically low cost for the very large amount of self-produced power that you show it generating? That confused me. A typo error, maybe? Otherwise, that much “free” power (i.e., power created by means that do not require filling a precious module slot with a generator) has got to cost something proportional to the benefit gained.

If the self-generated power from the hull itself was greatly reduced, or the hull’s price was steeply hiked to pay for that, I’d say this corvette would be just about ready for serious play-testing in an actual GSB mission. While maybe being a bit of an aesthetic snag, the issue with the giant-sized turrets doesn’t affect the functionality of the hull.

Interesting shape. I like the clever way that you reduced the diameter of the cylindrical Eagle aft hull. I hadn’t considered that particular means of getting creative mileage out of this rather plain Fed. hull you used as a base.

Should a ship that suffers from -25% speedboost still have such huge warpdrive nacelles, though? The original Fed. Eagle already looked a bit awkward to me on account of its large engine hardware, and slimming-down the aft hull for this modded version aggravates this imbalance. [-shrug-] To each his own, of course. I just thought it strange in light of this new hull being slapped with such a stinging speed penalty. Just my two cents.

See review below of Supereagle Carrier hull.

See review below of Supereagle Carrier hull.

A carrier variant of your supercruiser hull? So then, it’s a Fed. Eagle that’s been working out, watching its weight and doing a lot of kickboxing. :wink: I see lots of room for the fighter repair modules as well as the extra crew quarters that those modules require. Plenty of hardpoints for short-range self-defense guns, too, in case your escort frigates get sandpapered down to nothing. When looking at the overall number of module slots plus weapons bays, I see nothing under-performing or tactically “too good to be true”.

There are some shockingly overpowered hull bonuses at work here, though. I could see retaining those mostly as-is, if the base cost of the carrier hull when empty is at least a couple thousand credits. Otherwise, you’ve got a completely game-breaking beast on your hands. :confused:

For starters, there’s no way that a 100% hull integrity boost, shield boost, and armor boost are going to be accepted for anything less than a king’s ransom of treasure here. If you plan on just using such a megaship in solitaire play on your own computer, that’s one thing; how you play GSB on your own machine is entirely up to you. But if you seek to offer these new creations as balanced hulls designed to integrate into the main game, with ship stats like these you’re going to encounter some pushback from other players.

BTW for purposes of game balance, the +100% armor boost is a major problem – even going over +35% can often create completely unkillable ships.

(this is a lot of typing for me. taking a break to let my injured arm re-spawn. :stuck_out_tongue: gonna get some hot tea, too. )

OK, let’s dig deeper.

You’ve baked into this design the functional equivalent of 19 Type II cruiser power generators. Nineteen.

Those would would produce 969 of the 1,000 power points you spec’d for this carrier (for now we’ll ignore the excess power above that). When purchased in the Ship Design screen, the total cost of 19 type II’s comes to a gigantic 3,306 credits. Even giving that purchase a very generous two-thirds discount still comes to 1,091 credits.

We haven’t even got to addressing the cost of the engineering & life-support benefit of not needing to purchase crew modules to house the 665 personnel needed to tend that many generators. Something’s got to give, my friend.

And all of that, plus a +200% powerboost as well??? The -50% speed penalty you included doesn’t even begin to pay for all of these construction miracles.

Speaking from a financial rather than a tactical viewpoint, I don’t necessarily mind putting the power of the gods of Mount Olympus on a single hull. What I do mind is trying to do so for free. That’s the problem.

I see much potential good here, but at present it’s held hostage to some caffeinated modding over-enthusiasm. :smiley: Let’s consider these supercruisers as seen here to be “Version 0.1” and build upon what you’ve learned thus far for the next iteration, okay? You’re over-reaching right now. Remember: true progress usually comes from many small steps. :slight_smile:

Please don’t take this criticism as me busting on you personally or being mercilessly hard-assed. Any mindless jackass can see the same flaws I have but simply reply with a useless one-liner such as: “OMG YR SHIPS R T3H SUCK LOLOLOL”. I’d greatly prefer to take another approach. It’s not enough that you see the current version of the Fed. supercruiser as being fantastically over-powered. To improve them, you need to know why they’re so OP, and why that harms the player experience if using them as-is. Only then can you choose how to address the issues and improve on your work. The ultimate goal is to help you sculpt and whittle these ships down into lean fighting units that can stand alongside official ships in the game and fit into the accepted tradeoffs of price-versus-ability that all hulls must. That’s the kind of helpful perspective that the modding community is here to offer you. Don’t be discouraged. :slight_smile:

OK my arm is seriously barking, from shoulder to fingers. F this carpal-tunnel problem. >:( Time to drop to sublight speed for extended emergency cool-down of the warp core. More than enough typing for one topic tonight.

Archduke Astro,

I wish there was more people out there like you that take a persons ship and then dissect them on a level that you do to help them see the error in there godmodding. Yes a LOT of theses are OVERPOWERED this I know, I have mostly put them up as to get there layouts ironed out as with show off the neat work that I have been doing. And now to address some of your points that you have stated.

Corvettes, I have found that the normal frigate modules are HUGE on the model and look funny, I was attempting to try and find a good hard-point configuration for them, but may have to resort to special modded corvette sized guns, and somehow make it so that the players use the corvette guns over the frigate guns and not just because they are too big. The amount of power, and cost of the hull are being adjusted as I will attempt to get them dialed in and working in good order here soon. I also plan to adjust the layout of the corvette and reduce its self power to levels to force player to fit the specially named “Corvette power Generator”, “Corvette Engine”, Corvette armor", Corvette shield" and the NEW corvette class weapons that I will pump out here based off the current frigate ones. I think I’ll have them do the same range, damage, but be lighter and less power than the frigate counterparts, perhaps also reduce there range and damage a hair, they are smaller less powerful versions after all. Or go as far as take the fighter weapons and turn them into slightly bigger modules for the corvette. But UP there costs to high levels and place a negative hull cost bonus on them. So that a frigate player will not attempt to use the corvette weapons.

Destroyers, the -25% speed-boost is going to be offset by a 10% armor and 15% hull boost. Hence the Destroyer is larger than a frigate, it will tend to be stronger, but slower than a frigate. This class will have EIGHT weapon hard-points and EIGHT standard hard-points, all using standard frigate modules. Thanks for pointing out the large engine nacelles, and I’ll get out my scissors and trim them down a little. I am glad that you like the way I have adjusted the eagle cruiser. Though I have been thinking about remaking it from scratch as I have seen graphical errors in-game with it shimmering slightly.

The Supereagle Carrier, MKI and MKII, Are/might be replaced by the Mammoth graphic. The story behind the Supereagle carrier is one that provide a high number of fighter repair bays to provide a repair place for the swarms of fighters that players are using now. Yet, still having the ability to defend itself from fighters and frigates. I am VERY VERY pleased that you like the load-out that I picked for this ship, I was worried that people would not see it in the way it was made to be, and attempt to use it in manners that it was not designed to be.

As for the Hull bonuses they will be adjusted as right now the carrier alone is just too much a beast. I have been fiddling around some and have found a 20% boost in armor to be good as with a 50% hull boost. The -50% speed boost is there well because this thing is massive and huge, the power boost is going to be changed over into a negative cost boost and a cost increase on the special modules that is needed to make a Supereagle Carrier super.

The above changed will also affect the Supereagle MKI and MKII load-outs also as I will be changing over from a power demanding hull design to a cost demanding design to help limit the field to a limited number of the so-called Supers.

Witch brings me back to the mammoth and the weapon bays, ALL weapons bay are going to have weapons on them going top down the second and third set will have one weapon on them but tied to the weapon bay just below it, So you will have a pair of turrets for each side. The other weapon bays are single mount locations. The others weapons mount points will be near the aft on non weapon bay areas. Also as stated above in the Supereagle section I might be tossing out the enlarged eagle design for this ship. OR If people like the Supereagle then the Mammoth will become a Leviathan with its own set of guns, for the weapon bays and many more weapon bays that are linked with the same weapon, and smaller cruiser mount points spread out around the model.

SO this comes to you the players that may or may not play this new mod, Do you like the “Supereagle” class cruisers, or should they be scrapped and replaced with the “Mammoth”? It is up to you now for the direction that I will go with it.

Once more thank you to Archduke Astro who took the time to write out the very detailed post about my ships, with carpal-tunnel, and basically took them apart and pointed out the areas that needed to be fixed in a gently kind way that was not rude, and also took the time to explain why he felt about X, Y, and Z about the ships and there designs. Again I wish more people would look in the way he took apart the ships and try to learn a thing or three from it. Also I want to thank each and everyone of you that takes the time to read my wall-o-text and looks at my basic, beginner ships that I have cranked out in the past THREE days. With your help I will hope to get this added to the mods that Cliffski will be happy to make official. But I do not thing that will ever happen. Maybe He will hoist the mod on his server. But to have it be an add-on that I do not see happening. I wish, but I don’t think it will happen.

Till we meet again, Smooth sailing.

Overall you have some great ideas in here and like most modders you have started in the overpowered section and will gradually nerf your way back into balance. A majority of what i would say has already been covered in great detail by Archduke Astro, So i will only reiterate a few points and add in my tidbits where possible.

I don’t have much to offer in the way of feedback for trhe corvettes since my personal thought is that the corvette should be a large fighter with a small frigate being a gunship.

I do like the idea of a frigate Class ship with 8/8 hardpoints/modules for a destroyer (which i am currently making for my mod) However I have to agree with Archduke that the -25% speed bonus is far to harsh. Oversized engines on a sleek hull, it should be -25% intergity and +25% speed. But if your going to change the nacells then fair enough.

The Federation Mammoth could easily fit into the Juggernought or leviathan class. Again as Archduke pointed out depending on the role you wish to have this ship play will greatly determin the stats for this hull. However i dont think i should replace the Eagle ships.

In regards to the super cruisers - great idea. Large expensive ships where you can sink a large portion of your money into to provide a centre point of your armada to rally around. If i understand your original post correctly you will use different graphics for the different varients of the ships - to help highlight the different ships i have spent 5 minutes creating a rough concept.

General assesment of the hull bonuses:

  • Amazing amount of starting power, unless you have some new power hungry weapons to go with the hull you will never use it all with the standard vanilla weapons.
  • Shield Boost is rather high but not game breaking, since you have increased the hull size to 300 to weaken the ship against fighters, since a pair of shields will produce a formidible barrier.
  • Armor Boost, unfortuantly anything over 20% opens itself to armor take abuse. I had a ship with 30% and as 123stw showed me, you can make a ship that can not be damaged by anything except for lucky shots.
  • Power Boost - again as above, unless you have a new variety of weapons that have phenomila power consumptions it will be going to waste.
  • Speed Boost, this ship will be painfully slow, not a bad thing - but it should be much larger to impart the sence of “large and in charge”

General impression of the hulls.
SuperEagle Carrier
High ratio of Modules to hardpoints - excelent start, the graphics you use should impart to the player that this ship is designed for sitting back repairing fightes and lobbing long range weapons into the fray

Supereagle Mk I <-I think you need more firepower on these hulls
I would equate this to the Dreadnaughts, maybe 14 / 14 modules / hardpoints. It shoud be geared more for front line engagements whereas your carrier is in support. You could also make it a strike cruiser designed to close the gaps quickly and pound any long range spam fleets toe to toe, so majority of weapons up front to get that first shot in.

Supereagle Mk II <-Ditto
More weapons and modules that the Mk I and we are now breaking into Juggernought teritory. This ship would be the embodyment of TANK. You would place this ship on your front lines and place every ship behind it. It would spearhead the attacks and still be the last one standing.

Either way, Great start, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

  • Darkstar

Wow, Nice Darkstar076 I love what you did there especially with the carrier model. Would you be willing to share them with me and mind if I were to use them in the mod I am working on? Also The mammoth Battlecruiser looks wimpy in-game so I redid it, I bring to you the new improved Mammoth Battlecruiser!!

I might be redoing the aft end of it to put in two more of the weapon bays and clean it up some more. But here it is in all its fatness. . . . er glory.

In all honesty i DO mind if you use those images - they were hastily done and are rather poor in comparison to what is out there in other mods. I would prefer if i could have some time to fix them up before I send them your way.

When your ready, send me a PM with any changes you would like to see in these designs so i can incorporate your ideas as i tidy up the ships.