Corvettes, Destroyers and Super-Cruisers

lol! darkstar, allways with the perfection :wink:

i really love the carrier! how the F*** did you do those launch bays!!?!?!?!

and lonestar, thats one sexy battlecruiser! its got all the right curves :wink:

Darkstar’s SuperEagle carrier keeps making me think of a guy with some collar around his necks, the way the carrier bays go on it…

Hmm . . well originally i was going to put it on the aft section, but then in game it would look like a ship that pooped fighters
I am going to be fixing the ships anyway …


i have been looking for a reason to post that image for months!


Since it is being unloaded from the front of the plane, wouldnt that make the a-10 a booger ?

Oh, you silly kids.

Well You also can have the fighter bays in the aft but have the bays exit the sides as with some exit forwards. I REALLY love the hanger design that you got there.

I have been fidgeting around with some ships that I downloaded from Eich, So far I have used two of the federation designs and look to use more of them. Right now I have two corvette designs, two destroyer designs, Four larger than cruiser designs, Mammoth and the Supereagle series ships. I would like to maybe get one more corvette and destroyer class ships, and then make there special weapons for each one.

So far I have made the following for both the destroyer and corvette, shields, armor, power, engines, I have been thinking of making a destroyer only nanorepair unit. As for the weapons of the destroyer it will use standard frigate weapons, the corvette will have its own set of guns due to its size difference.

I have also made shields, armor, power, engine and weapons for the larger than cruiser ships. But have there cost in the thousands, with the hull’s costing 10000 to 15000 and -100% cost bonus. They all will have average power, crew, and weight needs so as to avoid the supernova that starts a chain reaction throughout the fleet of ships blowing up that is common with high power use ships.

For corvettes I am thinking of the following bonuses, -25% hull, 25% speed, 10% armor, 10% shield, 10% power and 10% cost. I see a corvette as a small ship that is stripped down, hence the - hull and + speed, the armor and shield bonus is from its small size and frigate sized shielding and armor. I’m thinking of removing the special corvette shield, armor, engine, and power modules. The 10% to cost may go up to 20% for the stripping of weight and slimming down the frigate modules to fit into the smaller ship.

Now on to Destroyers I have been thinking of giving them a -25% to speed, 25% to hull, -25% armor, 25% cost and a 50% power boosts, the power may change depending on the power usage of the destroyer. The destroyer will be using frigate modules but they will be beefed up slightly since they can take up more room in a destroyer. The bonus to hull is from the larger ship that can be reinforced better than a normal frigate, were as the negative to the armor is from the use of more armor to cover the hull.

Larger than cruiser ships, -50% speed, +25% hull, and -100% cost. Each of the larger than cruiser ships will have special modules for there usage. Each of the modules will have a HUGE price tag to prevent a normal cruiser from loading up on them and also keep the power low to prevent the shock-wave chain reaction of doom from happening. The hull bonus is from a larger ship that is able to be reinforced from the inside much more better than a normal cruiser. The speed penalty is from the ship being so much more larger than a cruiser.

Each of the sub-class stats will be adjusted as I tinker around with them, but that is the changes as of now. For the larger than cruiser modules they will be the exact same as the cruiser except longer range, higher damage, larger minimal range, HUGE price tag, and lower tracking than there cruiser counterparts. Were as the shields and armor of the larger than cruiser ships will have the ability to absorb more damage, recharge slightly faster, and weight a little more than the cruiser ones. As for shields for the larger than cruisers you will have only a reflective or fast charge shielding, both will have the same shield points. But one will recharge faster and the other has a higher shield resistance. There will also be carrier bays that are faster repair, more supplies, but will weight, cost, and need more crew than normal ones.


I have enlarged the corvette some and it no longer needs a separate set of turrets, as with added in a 3rd weapon point. I have also Finished with the dreadnought modules and I am happy with the results of testing in the survival modes. The mammoth BattleCruiser costs 12000, but also has a -100% cost bonus i also uses less than 1000 power so no more unwanted chain reaction of ships blowing up after your big ugly goes up.

I am getting closer to a release of the federation corvette, destroyer and dreadnought models and gear. If you would like to be an alpha tester please pm me with the topic “Alpha tester” and I’ll get back to you with the report of how I feel the mod is ready to go alpha. Also I will NOT be giving out the alpha today, I feel that I need a few more tweaks and it might be ready in less than 2 days.

Here is a QUICK picture for size purposes and I’ll barger another picture with EACH ship of the class next to each other to show size difference between the ships.

isnt the destroyer the “mole corvette” from the experimantal mod? or are they just very similar?

I suppose that they both use the same sprite, originally created by Eich (among many others!) for modders to use however they choose to.

ah, didnt know that there were a ship pack out there ^^

thanks 4 explaining! :slight_smile:

Yes, It is a Eich file ship, I guess someone used it before I did. I just hope that there is no trouble with my using it even though there is another one in another mod. IF so I think i can take a wake and making a new one based off it. Though it will take longer to push out the mod.

Its modding time ! - i have a day off.
Eagle Cruiser v2

The Fonz gives this interesting revision a thumbs-up. :slight_smile:

Why shouldn’t you use it??? No reason at all; that’s explicitly why Eich made them for the modding community.

I don’t think that having the same semi-generic ship sprite appearing in two or more mods is anything that causes trouble. As long as the creator of the graphics is fine with that (and in this case, that was Eich’s intention), you should feel free to use the sprite as you please.

I agree with Archduke, But I would like to add that an importat factor is that you credit Eich for his work in readme file stored within the final mod.

Thanks, Darkstar, for that very important addendum. Even if you obtain permission from the creator, you should be certain to provide full credit to him within the mod’s files themselves. Doing so on the forums is also a nice touch to acknowledge your creative debt to him for his prior work, but that by itself is not a substitute for also including that in the “Read Me” document you include with the mod files.

Oops - I tried to re-create the Supercruiser Mk I and ended up with 2 hammers and a Spanner.
Which one do you want Lonestar ?

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Spanner in the works

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Seriously, those look amazing. The hammerhead look is especially original. The spanner is cool but the HH rules.

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