Cost bug is real.

I figure I am going to toss this up because well, it will have a better chance of being read than an old thread that gets bumped.

The cost difference is real. Cordeau’ s Rebel Minotaur Cruisers on my computer has a base hull cost of 120. However, on his computer, it has a base hull cost of 99.

We both had beta 1.15.

Persists in 1.16 too, at least for me.

still at 120

so what version was the game at when you installed it? ie what’s your base, before-patching version?

i suspect there was a change in costs sometime back then that’s not made it into subsequent patches.
(so if you grabbed the current full install, it’d be fixed. but that’s cheating)

Got 1.10 as first.

Why would downloading the current exe be a cheat?

Good question. Problem is, I don’t recall - but it was post-1.10. I think that I first got 1.12, but no guarentees.

Go into your games file, the GSB file. You will have a patch folder. Your game is the one before your lowest patch.

Lowest numbered patch is 102… so I must have gotten version 1.01?

I deleted everything and redownloaded it. Found out that I had to play the entire game again. Said, ‘NO’, and reinstalled my old files. So, I have the current exe in the positech folder in the programs file, but I have my old GSB in the My Documents folder. Still listing 120. Not sure if that corrupts the test though.

Cordeau, can you make that file that snowdrift mentioned in our challenge and post that string for your minotaur hull? That way we can at least do a cross comparison of the fingerprint.

Tho, they should obviously be different so it is a bit redundant at this point.

120 is the correct hull cost, and every patch should overwrite every ship hull, so I can’t see how it’s got skipped?
but it doesn’t! I shall fix future patches…

just because it’s not the “right” way things should work… and it removes any evidence cliff could use to locate the error. but he’s seen it now, so it doesn’t matter how you fix it - simply editting the hull file to change the cost to 120 will fix the problem too.