Cost bug?

I am testing fleets in one of the tournaments, and I have run into an issue. I have been sent a legal fleet, but for me, it is not legal. The map limit is 25000. Two other people are getting, when they enter this fleet into their game, a fleet that costs less than 25000. I am on the other hand, getting a fleet that costs 25028.

The fleet is available here, viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3319&start=30, on the third page. Comments about this are also on this page.

5 flanker @ cost 581 - 2905
8 levy @ cost 750 - 6000
4 knight @ cost 2347 - 9388
3 lancer @ cost 2245 - 6735

= 25028

the difference between 25028 and 29944 is 84

which isn’t divisible by 5 or 8

so the difference is in either the knight or lancer ships.

the most likely thing to come to mind is that the players getting a smaller number haven’t unlocked a component used by those ships. I’m not sure what happens in that case.

The issue is that the person who made the fleet has tested it, and has it coming in under cost… or at least that is my impression. I am going to copy and paste what you posted here in the ongoing tournament thread. Hope you don’t mind.

Do you all have the latest version of the game? The costs of modules are local, so if some costs came down recently and you have an older copy, it might be thinking stuff costs more than it does for the sender.

We do. We’ll be looking into it further, too.

But I’d comment that this shows a major exposure of the game to exploiting if costs are only checked locally.

Hardly an exploit. Any mod is going to do that, and the game is non-competitive. Even the challenges are, well, a challenge… not something absolute.

althought it might be useful to have pure and non-pure filters on challenges.

If you can mod your copy of the game to decrease costs in order to allow you to deploy more ships in a specific challenge than otherwise, it’s an exploit.

Pure and modded categories of challenge, with server-side checks on the former, would indeed solve this problem. The real issue is that this could occur without anyone recognizing - we’d never have noticed if we weren’t having independent verification for the Grand Challenge Quests.

So what? It doesn’t hurt anyone if someone mods themselves five death-stars. And any tournament fleet can be double checked for purity.

Anyways, you need to check WHICH ship it is that is causing the cost discrepancy, then try and narrow down which module is causing issues.

If challenges track a win/loss statistic without verification of what rules the challengers are playing by, then what’s the point of tracking at all? And I still hold out hope for tournament or grand challenge systems integrated into the game at some point (because they’re an awesome improvement).

Tracking it doesn’t hurt anything either, and it’s interesting. Anyways, the tracking is sorta broken… it only tracks one victory per player, unless thats been fixed.

IIRC, it still counts every attempt while capping wins at 1 per player. It really should stop tracking statistics for each player once they win the scenario (thus forming a record of how many attempts it took to beat it for the first time). Alternately, if the point is to see how many players have played and won it, it should cap “attempt” counts at 1 per player as well.

I was unaware of that. The tracking system does sound broken.

The cost disparity occurred because our two copies of the game, despite being the same version, had different costs listed for the Rebel Minotaur Cruiser hull. One copy listed the hull cost as 99, the other listed it as 120.