Cost is no object

I’ve posted a challenge (4581716 - Land of a Hundred Cruisers) on a new map I’ve made called “Cost is no object.” It has 100 pilots and a budget of 500000 (essentially unlimited). It is somewhat different designing a fleet with an unlimited budget. What do you think?

High module count per ship races are going to love this.

Don’t want to sound critical here, please keep in mind that generally I don’t like really huge battles (take too damn long and bog the machine down pretty bad) and cruiser walls don’t give me the warm fuzzy either.

But I thought I’d give it a try anyway, try and be open minded.

So … bleah. Ew. And several other random sounds of squick.

But from what little I saw before I did my usual thing of escaping out with the phrase “And that’s done”, I expect that the majority of players will find this quite entertaining.

(Kind of a back-handed compliment I know; sorry.)

Thanks for the compliment. If you don’t like cruiser walls you might want to try Pilots Unlimited which gives the opposite case where there are so many pilots allowed (100,000) that there is effectively no limit. This would favor fighters I would think.

I love the concept too, but maybe would you like to make a ‘cost is no object’ challenge with the number of pilots in the 20-30 range?

Even as low as 12 would be pretty interesting… keep the map size large though, for variability of engagment styles.

With a suitably large map, yeah, that could work. Lower the pilot count enough to encourage something other than what I think of as the “phalanx” fleet, where the ships are so close together I can’t separate any of the silhouettes on the challenge preview. Might allow for some interesting interactions. I think I’d leave the pilot count no lower than 30, to allow for a small escort squadron of fighters or two if that floats the proverbial boat.

Have to give this some thought …

Cost is unlimited, so each of those escort fighters would have to be able to take out a cruiser by itself. That’s the whole concept! If you allow for escort fighters it becomes basically the same as any other challenge.

have you ever seen how many shoots are wasted on 2 fighters in front of your cruisers? specially now that there is no way to prevent it.

I was thinking more of specialized escort fighters, like painter-equipped fighters escorting a missile frigate (since otherwise the poor frigate doesn’t get to use a painter at all). The intent was to have enough pilots to support a small number of fighters if you choose (admittedly at the cost of capital ships) but not enough to make “mostly fighters” much of a viable strategy in general.