could someone make me a "state monoploys" policy?

could someone make me a policy that allows complete goverment ownship of business?

Meh… ill do it later if I have the time.

Know a file-host though?

if anyone has modded files they need hosting, just email me, I’ll host them here.

Thanks. Ill just plop together a readme.

Is anyone else modding policies for Dem2, because the three I have made tonight (nuclear arms, video game censorship, and state-controlled industry) are the only three I have seen on these fourms.


I’m planning on doing some mods for Democracy 2 that I will release here soon.

Ok :slight_smile:.

I was wondering, about the lack of mods for this.


There you go :slight_smile:.

Ill add the rest of my mods tomorrow.


That link doesn’t work for me, it just takes me to the home page of the hosting company. Am I supposed to sign up for an account with them? If you are having problems hosting it, you can send it to Cliff, or send it to me at Democracymods(at) and I will host it for you.


I just send it to you.

My email is riley_metcalfe (at) just so you don’t pass it off as spam :slight_smile:.

I’ve uploaded Pandaman2000’s policy to

This mod can now be downloaded from …

If anyone tries the auto-installer that I’ve included with the game I’d appreciate your feedback, as if it’s positive, I’ll include it with any other mods I do.

Yes I used your auto-installer. It was fine and worked perfectly, also very professional to me 8)
Any mods you do post them up so I can download them please, I want to make the game as complex as possible.

I have a few more, but im working on four more for another person on these forums, so i’ll upload them in one go.

And, I used the auto-installer too, worked fine.