Countries in D3 vs. reality


I’m starting a thread for any thoughts on the ways that the initial conditions of countries in D3 differ from reality in notable ways, because there were a few choices with the UK that surprised me.

I’m initially going to focus on UK Education policy (because it’s what I know), and I noted three things that were very different to reality:

  • Free school meals are not implemented at all at the start, despite there being free school meals in some form or another in the UK since 1944.
  • FE Colleges are not government funded at the start of the game, though there is a policy to allow it. While I believe they are not fully funded by the government, they do receive government funding through HEFCE
  • Creationism and evolution are both taught at the start of the game. Creationism is not taught in UK schools.


Consumer Rights
Work Safety law
Married Tax break
Organ Donations
Public Libraries
Arts Subsidies
Toll Roads

Yeah the UK has all these things that by default the d3 UK does not but I guess because all the different countries work with the same mechanics it could be the case that if the UK started with these things it could cause an imbalence? Perhaps lending too much weight to one group or other.


Yup this is exactly the issue. I had a lot of the countries a lot closer to their real-world policy set-ups, then had to nudge each of them in different directions to keep the model working across all possibilities :frowning: It would be a nightmare to set up otherwise.