Country ideology/quality of life indepedence

The point of protecting the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to free speech is to make clear that even the most abhorrent are protected in their speech rights, and so then are the rest of us are protected. Patriots take a lot of offense to flag burning and may not see it as protected speech but our First Amendment says otherwise. The ACLU numerous times has defended the right of KKK rallies and even pedophiles to say their piece (as soon as any violent action is taken then of course they deserve and do get punishment).

Any upholding of standards or regulation should be done by the organization themselves- a cultural conversation- not by the heavy hand of the law.


It seems that the first amendment is a moot point. If outside the government, the private sector can abridge the amendments of the bill of rights, then what is the value of these amendments? Especially since America has factions which are so anti-government. So, ironically, it is the government which provides the maximum amount of freedom. You can’t ban guns in a government building, no matter how dangerous it maybe, because of the bill of rights and the supreme court ruling that the first ten amendments are unamendable. Fascist, racists, etc. can all find freedom to express their beliefs in the government as it cannot restrict their speech, and so on. But if you retract the government and then replace it with private enterprise which cannot be regulated according to some arguments, then you replace one tyranny with another so to speak. And the internet is an exemplar of this, with its vigilantism from across the political spectrum.