Country Suggestion

From the beginning it seems like all of the countries tend to skew more towards the liberal side of things. It may be worthwhile to have more variety in the demographic make-ups of new countries.

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Agreed! It’d be fascinating to see. There’s a few I’d like to nominate from an old thread I posted years ago about a potential Democracy 4 :slight_smile:

tl;dr the interesting countries are Kyrgyzstan, East Timor, Singapore, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Here’s hoping if they don’t come out in the vanilla release there’s a DLC with them in it :slight_smile:

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We are very tempted to add south korea!

Next up is Australia, then Spain. Then we will ask people for some more interesting ones to spend time on. (We do need to go back over the existing set of countries and balance everything a lot before then though).

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It was less of a “write new countries!” and more of a request for countries that display more demographic diversity.

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Yeah, this. South Korea is an interesting one. But we’re more thinking…

Okay. A lot of the Western democracies are pretty similar in terms of their demographics & situations. Not exactly the same, of course, but similar, when compared to Asian democracies / democracies in developing countries.

It wouldn’t be another country that’s 65-35 liberal-conservative and 50-50 capitalist-socialist. It’d be one that might have lots of youth votes, be historic, but rely on oil income for a lot of its wealth. Or it might be a banana republic. You never know!

More countries with more difference would be awesome, but I definitely appreciate the focus being on finishing, polishing and balancing existing material before adding new stuff. I have played some other games where if they don’t get something right the first time, they just implement as is anyways and move on. That development style is very frustrating to the player.

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Poland… Oh, dear, sweet Poland…

I recommend adding countries that are more diverse. I’m hopeful this would lead the game to be more universally compatible with any country that modders introduce. I understand however this requires more work.

I hope to see a Scandinavian nation added

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