Couple bugs, suggestions

Having a lot of fun with Kudos 2, but have found a couple bugs I hadn’t noticed anyone mentioning yet.

Church raises loneliness by 2. The description says it lowers it, which, makes sense. You don’t go to church alone do you?

I bought a set of my own golf clubs. But when I click Use, I get dumped at the Theatre. My friends don’t like Theatre, and I almost accidently took four of them there because of this. They wouldn’t have been very impressed by me in my golfing pants with my clubs, toting them to a play, now would they? :wink:

Okay… the layout… the layout really annoys me to no end and is the only thing I dislike about the game. The stats bar is huge, and could have been made to fit on the screen better. Theres never anything on the left hand side of the screen but the work journal. Why wasn’t the cellphone put somewhere else so we could have all of our stats on the screen instead of having to open up more every time we need to check something that isn’t at the top?

As well, the skills are huge, so they cannot all be fit on the screen at the same time without covering up vital things like how much money we have. But the skills seem to be thrown in very random order. Couldn’t there be some kind of order to this so that useless skills we don’t need to see are not shown on screen while ones we have not maxed are not? For example, my public speaking is not maxed. So the ammount of it is much more useful to see than the fact that I have basic cooking. I have expert cooking too. Why do I need to see the rest of the lower levels of cooking? They should be in the back, as I can assume from seeing I have expert cooking, that I have every level of cooking before that too.

Why is it a resturant has water or alcohol, rarely ever any in between? I ran this by my friend in Yorkshire to make sure this wasn’t a European thing, and she said no, we do in fact have soft drinks in resturants. So now, I am wondering… what’s with all the alcohol Cliff? Not everyone is a heavy drinker, you know. This was a problem in Kudos 1 as well with a massive number of the activities centering around alcohol. I personally happen to have an allergy that prevents me from drinking, and it makes me just a bit annoyed that every kudos character seems to be forced to be drunk half the time. I would like to see some soft drink options in the resturant, because there is more to life than alcohol and water. =P I guess I will have to hope some less alcohol inclined people will mod something in for the rest of us like they did in 1, but really… why do the games have to revolve severely around alcohol every time?

I just bought the game last night and agree with Shaileya’s comments regarding the layout. I’m also wondering if there’s a way to quickly zero in on the activity you’re looking to do, since I end up scrolling through so many and would like a faster way to find the one I’m interested in. The way the job panel works would be handy here, as the jobs are organized by type, i.e. food, medical, etc. and it would be nice if we could open an acitivity panel and pick from cultural, sports, restaurants, and so on.

As far as social activities go, I’d really like to see even more. Why do I always have to go shopping alone? Shopping can be a social activity too. I can buy lots of books, so I’d like to start a book club and have friends meet at my house to discuss. There’s no option to call friends and invite them over just to “hang out” which was my main way of socializing when I was in my twenties (back in the dark ages). The restaurants all seem to be ethnic, and it would be nice if we could try a burger joint or steak house in additon to what is already there. I’d love to be able to figure out to how to add all this stuff to my game, but I’m afraid it’s beyond me at this point, so how about a tutorial for this?

Found a typo: “Extravert” shound be “extrovert”

Other than that, I’m enjoying myself and can’t wait to see what happens next!

I agree that there’s a big emphasis on alcohol that I wish weren’t there. I haven’t changed the restaurants or the birthday party yet, but it is possible to get friends that have no alcohol interests, and it’s possible to never get invited to go drink beer or wine.

In your interests.csv file, cut the lines that give the interests alcohol, wine, and beer. (I also did gambling and roulette, because I don’t like those, either. Sometimes people tell me that I’m “too pure” for not wanting alcohol and gambling – I tell them that I’m saving all my vice points for sex. :slight_smile: )

Then, in your social_events.csv, cut the Beer and Wine Bar activities. You can also erase the alcohol component from a couple of other events that have them – I think one of them might be the dinner party – but keep the rest of the event.

Thanks Corylea. :slight_smile: I’m very much a novice at editing of things like this, so i’ve always been too afraid to try making my own adjustments to the game. :slight_smile:

I am curious now though. Can custom resturants/menus be added still? They were in 1 but the resturants were far less in depth so it was easier to do so. I have no idea if they can be in 2 though.

If you do go ahead and edit any of the files, MAKE A BACKUP FIRST! In fact, I usually just go ahead and backup the entire data directory…just in case something goes REALLY wrong. It’s saved my butt a couple of times already.

Theres nothing hard coded about restaurants, they can be modded just like in the first game. I’ll be hopefully getting more information on modding up soon.

I agree with the layout being bulky. I was thinking maybe trying to change the font somewhere to make the skills and stats more compact, but would that change the size of the bar graphs?

Oh, and wheres the hamster?

I see references to a hamster in the configs but never seen one :slight_smile:

The hamster was in Kudos 1. I’m sure he will show up in a patch :smiley:

Ironically, there was actually a bug in the game that presented a more compact looking stat bar, and that’s to layer the expanded stat bar to overlay behind the command bar on the bottom. The two buttons that end up hidden can be moved to the top of the stat bar. Instead of the list expanding downwards, the list would expand upwards, but in reality would take the same amount of screenspace, it would just appear smaller. The bug that used to trigger this was to expand the stat bar while looking at the results from a social event.

As for the skill bars, I can’t think offhand of a nice way to clean them up. One way is to group them into categories making you click to see the skills, but that’s not as convenient and only really works well if there’s a lot of skills to deal with. Another way would be to combine the text and the progress bar, much like windows does with the % progress. Another one is to “minimize” those skills that are at 100%. I think the progress bar itself should stay for skills being worked on, it’s very nice to look at and it’s easy to understand quickly.

yes, minimizing or somehow hiding skills at 100% is something I have considered, I think there is a possible solution there, just a matter of getting it to look obvious and intuitive.

What about something like the ‘Graph’ button that shows you the changes you’ve made over time, but for ‘More/Maxed Skills’?

Actually the expansion button that shows skills beyond two columns could also be used to hide skills at 100% maybe…

I would rather still be able to see all the skills and stats, just maybe with a smaller font and graph size so more fits into the area.

Perhaps a size option available in the game options?

That would be nice, but i’m not real sure they could fit. A couple of my Kudos 1 characters had amazing plethora’s of skills. I think the only way would be if they went up the side of the screen under the diary as well.