Couple of buggy things

Culture says it’s increased by 3 when I use a guitar or keyboard and doesn’t. I’ve also got a culture requirement for 52% to get a top restaurant job, and it says the requirement isn’t met, even though my Culture rating is… 52%.

Boost Your IQ book doesn’t have any notification of an effect on IQ. Stress and tiredness increase when you use it, though.

I get burgled and mugged HOW OFTEN? Kung Fu, Kickboxing and a burglar alarm shouldn’t be required to play the game properly…
That’s a balance issue though, really.

Could do with some hotkeys, or at least letting Enter advance the screens. Maybe having double-clicking add friends to the evening’s event, too. The RSI is doing me in, here.

Dropdown menus or a simple list at the side of the selection window would be better than the carousel stuff. Carousels have their place, but it’s not on choice forms…

Enough whingeing, though. The game’s very interesting.

EDIT: Oh, and I think that the videogame thing reverses your move if the move doesn’t result in a valid finish, which can get you locked into not being able to make a move at all.
Could just have been my eyes. I found the colour-changing quite confusing.

Hi, some interesting feedback, cheers. You dont need kickboxing, driving or riding a motorbike to work avoids most mugging, and having muscles deters muggers too.
Double click idea sounds cool.

Yes, I agree with the hotkeys. I’m definitely a keyboard person and try to use it whenever possible because it’s faster.

I was considering posting about the burgler alarm, since I found it impossible to get (as soon as I got near 200 cash, my incident of break ins went through the roof), then for the heck of it, I bought a dog. That does the trick, seems to prevent all breakins.

Hmm… I’m very much a public transport person, myself. Guess I should try other modes of transport. Still not played much, but I’ve always tried to work close enough to home that the bus is available to me.

Speaking of the bus, it’d be nice if the MP3 player worked for the bus and the skateboard, as well as the walk.
I certainly take mine on the bus.

Ah, I thought it did, it’s meant to, I’ll look into that.

To be fair, there’s not too much indication that it works when you’re walking, either.
I usually end up arriving at bus-travelled work tired and bored, though. Arriving at work walking I get tired and fit. Or tired and muscular. Things of a non-bored nature, at any rate.