Couple of bugs..

First of all, kudos (no pun intended… ok maybe a little) to you for making such a great indie game. This is the first of your games that I’ve tried, and I may just take a look at the others as well.

Now to the topic - 2 bugs:

  • Every time I’m about to (successfully) enter The Great Dragon (Chinese restaurant) the game crashes. I’ve tried this at different occasions, with both one and several companions.
  • Right after work two stat-increase markers appear on the lower part of the diary, as shown below:

Both bugs are in the latest version (1.03), although the 2nd bug didn’t appear before updating from 1.02 to 1.03.

  • Bruce


Drake Lee, Hollywood actor (Villain) in “Martial Arts Guru”

Is it only that restaurant that causes the crash? that sounds very strange, and possibly related to a corrupt sound file. Have you tried reinstalling the game to check everything is installed right?

I saw this same thing on my diary just before it crashed last time. Also another bug I am having is expensive restaurants rejecting me because I dont have enough money when I am very wealthy.

No I haven’t, though it’s not that big a deal for me, I’ll just go to a less fancy place… :wink:

By the way, I noticed that the bowling matches don’t seem to show the star on the calendar any more, so it’s harder to plan ahead.

Edit: Hmm that last bug only seems to happen sometimes, as I just spotted the event on the calendar now…

There was a bowling match bug relating to save games in an earlier version, but it should be fixed now.

Yes that was actually the reason I updated to 1.03, but it still seems to be some flakiness left… Note that the post-it note does appear on the evening of the bowling match (which is the most important thing), however the star marking the event on the calendar sometimes fails to appear.

could you give this a try?