Couple of Order bugs

Quick little bug - on the new vs. Order mission (The Rockwall Nebula) the supply limits window reads differently from the “choose your mission” screen and the deployment screen. Specifically, from the choose screen, the limit on Reflective Shields does not show up in the list (rather a nasty little surprise for me, since almost all my cruiser designs pack a Reflective Shield).

Also, the “filler” screen that shows up after you click “Fight” but before the game is ready to proceed seems to be stuck on a wireframe of an Order fighter (Acolyte I think?) instead of its usual more-or-less-random ship image. After I got the Tribe it seemed like the Tribe backdrop showed up awfully frequently as well, but so far I’ve seen just the same Order image prior to every battle I’ve run.

EDIT: Okay, if the “filler” screen issue was in fact a bug, it’s fixed itself now. Probably just a case of the RNG hates me.