Couple of suggestions

Just bought the game - only took me one run through the demo, just like Kudos in fact - and I absolutely love it. The composing tunes with the coloured notes is an inspired design idea so much Kudos (poor, I know) for that.

Anyway a couple of things I’ve noticed on my first play through which are a bit niggly…

Is it possible to allow punctuation in song title’s as well as either a button to clear the current name (some of them are long and take a while to delete with repeated stabbing of the backspace key) so you can enter your own?

The ending of practice should be possible by hitting space or enter as you’re using the keyboard to hit notes anyway - mouse is fiddly. Think I read on another post you were doing this but it’s not working as yet unless I am missing something.

On a side note the process for buying the full game is both simple and very quick. I had the email through with the download link within a minute of putting my details in. Nice to see these things can run smoothly when done with good partners.

Keep up the good work and I’m glad I have a couple of days off work as I can see it’s going to take me a few hours to get my useless muppets good enough to have the money to make my first CD. Good game, Cliff. Well done.

Cheers, I’ll sort out the punctuation stuff the minute I do another patch.

I also have a couple of suggestions! First off, it would be awesome to have a “10 Highest Scores” list (ala Civilization 4) to compete with yourself and give further purpose to replaying the game.

Also, It would be better if you bought a more expensive instrument/lighting, etc., without buying a cheaper version, that the cheaper one is no longer available for sale.

Another thing is that the “CD Studying” mode is off balance with the “Seeing a Live Show” mode to the point that studying CD’s is almost worthless. It takes 6 turns to study a CD to get what you can get with attending one live show in one turn.

It would be great to have more things to buy and make the spending choices even harder. The ability to hire a PR guy to increase chances of interviews, etc. would be cool. More stats and potential results/hazards info before signing with commercial endorsements would be good as well. Otherwise, it is too big of a risk and too easy to just ignore it all and never sign with anyone (I am not referring to the “record/CD” aspect).

One thing that I have noticed after a couple of games is that a “Master Sheet” would be helpful. Something that lists the band’s fatigue, amount of T-Shirts left, etc., how many days until the next gig, etc. In other words, an “at a glance” report that allows you to quickly decide what is that day’s MOST important task that needs your attention, without having to dig through numerous things for that information.

The game is AWESOME and better than 50% of the PC games on store shelves. You need to get the word out on this game! Keep adding things too. The above suggestions are just a few off the top of my head after playing 3 full games. This is the BEST rock band simulation ever made!Keep up the good work!!! :slight_smile:

To introduce a High Score table there must be a coefficient for tweaks in the config file. 'Cause playing with different settings gives a totally different experience.

As there are no difficulty settings, I am not sure what you mean … Although I do realize that you are dealt different band members each game and that is a big variable, just a simple system for recording high scores and (the band’s name) who got them would be great. :slight_smile: