Couple Of Things

Right, first on all, about the downloads:

You really need to change the format that the missions txt’s download it. They come in notepad for me, but the way they are written in the notepad means they can’t be loaded and cause the game to crash. Re-writing (or re-formatting) the notepads have always worked for me each and every time.

And another thing: The EU does give university grants. I should know, I’m getting some.

you mean you open them in windows notepad and that kills the formatting? notepad handles ends of line different to most text editors as I recall. The format of the data is pure text, but that doesnt matter, its what you use to edit them that could make a difference. Personally I use Textpad32 as a text editor, which its tons better than notepad.
I know the UK has student loans, and fees paid, but what about the rest of the EU, thats not a uniform policy is it?

Seeing as how I am going to be paid between 600-800 euroes every month by the EU, it is policy for anyone who has parents working there.

On top of that, they apparently do provide minimal funding to every university (I heard it on the radio, saying about 400 euroes per student, but I am uncertain of that, and it certainly doesn’t go straight to the student).

Actually, the formatting is already killed, because Democracy opens them as notepad. If, however, I edit them to conform to the other notepad formats, then it works just fine.