Couple questions

  1. How do you raise the “Arts” portion of culture? I thought learning an instrument would do it, but that didn’t seem to work. I’m using the TV for Knowledge and books work for Literature, but I can’t get the Arts to move.
    And even though the Guitar says it’s gaining culture when played, I don’t see any change.

  2. The avatar I’m using at the moment is a guy with long brown hair, no beard. I try not to let him get too happy, because while there’s nothing wrong with sad or neutral Owen, happy Owen looks like he’s got black lipstick on, and I don’t like it at all. Any way to get rid of that?

  3. Video games says “results may vary”. The only other ones that I’ve seen say that are TV and the laptop. Does that mean there was supposed to be more than one type of video game? That would have been cool.

  4. People skills. A job I was looking at required People skills. I found one book that could build that, but they seemed to suddenly start building out of nowhere. Do you get it at work after a certain point in certain careers?

I’ve got the Big fish version if that matters.

  1. Social events. Going to the ballet with your friends is the most effective, followed by Opera, Theater and Museum. Certain movies will also raise ‘arts’ but not as much as those activities… Also, there’s not yet any way to tell what’s playing.

  2. What you’re seeing is the inside of his mouth. Lots of happy people smile with their mouth open.

  3. Cliffski will hafta answer the ‘was this feature planned at one point during development’ questions.

  4. When you socialize with people you gain people skills.

the results vary thing means it depends how well you play the game, just like the results of the TV depend which channel you watch :smiley:.