Covid-19 situation

Hi, everyone except the UK has 2020 data and unfortunately we all know what was in that bad year but there is no covid 19 situation in the game. I would add it and to end it you have to invest in science and on the hospital that will automatically lower the aid received from abroad, foreign relations and international investment increase.

If you do not invest in science and the hospital, the population is lowered and therefore in my opinion there is also a dillemma to be made in the countries of the European Union that you sign up to vaccinate the entire population and if the covid worsens an event that says that the most of the population is sick and put an image of “zombie” people.

If, on the other hand, a green bubble improves first which says that most of them have been vaccinated, cured, etc … And then the covid 19 situation disappears after 8 or 12 rounds.

That’s all.

If you have something to say, let us know! you too Cliff :slight_smile: (sentence stolen from an old post of mine xD)

See you later!!!

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There is some sort of extreme disease outbreak event that can happen. It’s not very likely, so the player is no more likely to prepare for it than actual world government’s prepared for Covid. Cliff has said he doesn’t want this game to be pinned to a specific year too heavily.


Ok thank you for imformation! :slight_smile:

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