cracked Mexilando

I have tried running mexilando several times without success (usually trying to turn it into a liberal state), however last night I decided to try an experiment.

On election I maxed out army, armed police, community police and intelligence. I then tightened border controls and generally instigated a hard military rule. I was re-elected!

Then I started to introduce various initiatives to improve the environment, improve education, social housing and tax booze.
I reduced the army to minimum.

I was re-elected with 90+ %

Crime almost disappeared, houses left unlocked, was complimented on having a perfect social paradise.

Added subsidised school buses and rail fares, started a monorail and space research, Had so much political capital that I ran out of things to use it on (All but one of my cabinet was a 5 or 6!).

Re-elected with over 95% majority and retired a revered leader.