Crappy French translation


I have just bought the game and found it really nice. It is interesting, elegant and well designed.
I have played it for a couple of hours, but I have been horrified (hurt?) by the numbers of common grammar mistakes in the French texts. It significantly reduced the pleasure of discovering the game for the ‘Grammar Nazi’ that I am.
I do not know how to fix this on the copy that I have, but I offer to the designers of this game to make all the corrections in the French texts in order to soothe my eyes when playing. Of course, I will be willing to do it ‘pro bono’ on my spare time.

if Positech Games is ever interested by this proposal, please let me know. I am convinced that this will benefit to the game itself.

By the way, some texts are still untranslated and remain in English language.

C. Brunel

Hi, we did pay a proper translation company to translate the text, but are not happy with the results and would not work with them again. I’d be very interested in any corrections you can suggest.