Crash at Election

My game has begun to crash every time I reach election stage - the voting bars go up, I win by a large margin, I hear the fireworks (but don’t see them) and the cheers, and the music continues to play, but everything’s stuck.

This has happened with both Freedonia and the Gregaria. Now, I’ve got one or two extra policies and nations in my mods folder, but they’ve functioned correctly in the game.

Care to be a lightshedder?

Yup. did you patch the game to the latest version? If so, it sounds like the patch was either uninstalled afterwards, or installed into the wrong place. You must make sure it is the same directory that the original game installed to. It might not give an error in some cases, and has a habit of adding ‘Democracy 2’ to the path.
Basically you have some missing files. Check that the game is saying it is 1.06 (top right of main menu screen) too.

I’m getting this too. I’ve just played a Bananistan game and had two hangs on the election screen when the bars had finished rising. 1.06 is showing on the title screen.

crikey. Did you patch the game to 1.06, or did you redownload (or download when you fist bought) the game as 1.06? I’m trying to see if it’s the patcher or the game itself.

I get this sometimes too, and I just downloaded the game last night…do I need to download the patch or was the game download already patched?

Fay, it should already be patched.

ok, thanks. well then this is a problem not yet addressed. :slight_smile:

I’m also having this problem I checked in the title bar and it said 1.06 having recently downloaded it in the last couple of days.

Weird. Ok, I will take a look at this today, although I am clsoe to updating the game to thenext version anyway, so I might put whatever fix is required in with that.

Typically my copy here is not doing it. it goes through the election ok. If anyone has a debug.txt or drawdebug.txt from the ‘debugdata’ directory when this happens, that would be very helpful. It sounds like something that must have been new in 1.06 somehow.
If you lose the election does it still hang? I’m assuming it’s the fireworks that are causing it somehow. I’ll keep digging. If anyone who has the problem is ok to try a potential patch let me know.

I’ve got it to freeze for a few seconds now. I’m presuming this is the same thing, and its just I have a stupidly large amount of video RAM, so I’ll work on fixing that. If you are happy to try a fix for it let me know.

Ok it’s going to be fixed in 1.07, out hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime there is a workaround, and that’s to save the game shortly before the election, quit it, then load in the save game. It’s only an issue (AFAIK) if you go through 2 elections with fireworks in the same play of the game.

ok fixed I hope: