Crash at end of election

So whenever I finish a term and i click on the “start vote” button the game freezes right after all the votes have been counted. It happens every time, is there a fix for this problem?

I’m having this problem too. From browsing the forums, it sounds like Democracy 2 had a similar issue, but only for pirated games - but I just bought this from Steam an hour ago. Twice I was able to get through the “freeze” by letting it sit for five minutes and then clicking around randomly in hopes of an invisible button, but two other times I just had to restart the game :frowning:

Alright, yeah I also bought it today on steam…

Same problem here! Really annoying, and I do have a legit copy that I just bought today on Steam.
I was dumb enough not to save though - dunno if there’s an autosave feature or not…

Anyway it’s a serious issue, please fix, Positech!

Otherwise we shall introduce Internet tax.

This happens to me sometimes as well, but not all of the time. Every once in awhile, after I win an election (it always seems to happen after I win an election, never after I lose. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or not), the button prompts to continue to my next term don’t appear and all I can do is listen to the patriotic music and cheering. :stuck_out_tongue: Ending the game’s task, restarting the game, and loading the most recent autosave and doing the election over again seems to help it. I’m using the Steam version for what it’s worth, but I recall this happening once or twice to me in the beta as well.

Yes, this is known about, and is very rare, and basically I’m pulling my hair out trying to work out what it is… because I can’t reliably reproduce it myself (although I have seen it…) I suspect it is related to ‘fireworks’ that are drawn when you win an election or unlock an achievement, but I cannot work out why…
Anyway, anyone who has this issue who could email me the files found in

\my documents\my games\democracy3\debug

that would be much appreciated.

Files sent. Thanks for trying to keep on top of this!

ETA: I have had some issues when acquiring an achievement too, actually, although they don’t crash the game. It just freezes and lags for a minute.

Yes it’s the same thing. it’s the fireworks effect. I’m trying to work out if its just the second time fireworks are shown in each run-through, which it might be…

Hey guys, suffering the same problem here but I found somewhat of a work around. If you alt tab out of game and back in it seems to unfreeze the game.

If you can’t alt tab, try Ctrl Alt Del and open task manager which should jump you out of game allowing you to alt tab back in. Hope this works for you!

I also did what Dan_Gray_Gu recomended. It works fine although in my computer it takes a little bit to get back in the game.

Ctrl Alt Del for me just says the game has stopped responding - I have yet yo get it to let me back in.

This should be fixed in the new patch today (1.07) hopefully :smiley: