Crash bug during fights: Laser related?

Every time I launch a fight, I eventually hit a CTD bug. It generally occurs 30 seconds to 1 minute in. The problem is, I cannot localize it. Nothing shows up in the error/debug files. I am guessing that it is laser related, because

  1. If I take a bunch of ships with no lasers, it take longer for the bug to occur, and sometimes does not occur at all.
  2. I have huge slowdown whenever I get more than a couple lasers on screen. I have all the graphics settings off except turrets.

I don’t think it is hardware, I have a pretty decent computer (no problem with TF2, for example). Any suggestions on to how I can help localize the issue?

Is this version 1.00 or 1.01 (top right of main title screen)?
Does it also trigger if you turn the sound master volume to zero? (could be this mystery evil sound crash bug).

I updated to 1.02, although this bug was originally in 1.01. I turned off the sound effects specifically, and it no longer crashed (it continued to crash with sound effects on). Also, with music and interface sounds on, for some reason you can still hear the engines when you zoom in closer.