Crash during combat

Another bug report for ya -

And here’s my DXDiag

This is sound card related. I’m not sure exactly how, but its a crash in the sound library, with is FMod. Do you have the latest sound drivers for your PC? Was the sound and music working ok?

Yup, all my sound drivers are completely up-to-date.

Has the game maybe written any details to the errors.txt file within c:\program files\gratuitousspacebattles\debugdata ?

No, errors.txt is empty.

As an addendum, I switched over to my second audio interface and was able to get through a battle without crashing, although the sound effects all disabled themselves for some reason and I only got the music.


I am also having a similar issue where GSB.exe crashes during combat. I believe that is is related to sound issue you described previously. Is there a valid way, other than uninstalling my audio driver, to test the game without the audio processes running?



Hmmm. there is not. but I may have to add an option to do this to the next build, just so we can ensure it really is a sound related issue. Sorry about this, I will investigate.

I also get this, but only under specific Direct X sound acceleration settings. To summarise, here’s a list of Direct X acceleration setting and resulting experience:

None: All sounds play, but are lagged behind the event triggering it. Game crashes during battle as described by previous posts.
Basic: All sounds play perfectly. Game crashes during battle as described by previous posts.
Standard: Not all sounds play from the start, and sound effects cut out completely after a few minutes. Game plays fine otherwise.
Full: As Standard.

My Direct X sound panel:

Cliffski - it is sound related. I have an Audigy SB on my PC, but a shitty Realtek AC 97 mother-board based system as well. I switched to the realtek sound (all drivers and such installed, I knew what I was doing…), and got same result after under a minute of gameplay.

BTW. Switching off all sound systems crashes GSB as soon as intro screen shows up on my maschine, so I guess this is not a valid temp solution…

** E D I T **

LOL, funny thing that turning off volume with master switch in options screen does the trick and the game plays without any crash. It seems your logic to cut off music related procedures with master volume down to 0 proves it is sound based issue:)

k, I was getting this as well, and turned off the master volume and all works well.