Crash in challenges view


I have some weird bug. When I go to the Challenges view, refresh list so I see the challenges from other players, select the details and then click on the download button, it says I need more content.
Fine, I don’t have everything (yet). But when I leave the deatils screen, the game crashes. Sometimes I can still click on another deatil list, but then it crashes. It also happens when I leave the
view immediatly without pushing on the download button.

I have no idea why this happens and I don’t see others having this problem, so I was hoping someone here could help me.

win7 Pro
Intel 7 -2600K
8 Ram
GTX 590


G’Day F3Kay and welcome to the forums.
Curious crash you have there.

Just a few quick questions

  • Which version of GSB are you running (top right corner)
  • Are you running GSB under steam or as a stand alone application
  • What components of GSB do you have Core game / DLC’s / Galactic / mods /conquests etc.
  • Have you managed to play any challanges ?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Version: Full 1.58
App: Steam
Components: Base, Tribe, Order, Swarm.

I used to play on my old computer, and everything did work fine there. But now I have this new pc I get this crash.
I did play the first few levels in the ‘Battle’ view. Worked fine. Can create ships, deploy stuff and everything.


Same problem for me.
I open challenge window - all ok…
I choose and open challenge - all ok…
When I’m closing chosen challenge, after small amount of time or when I begin to scrolling it just crushes…

Same issue. Reproducing procedure:

Start GSB - Challenges button - Details button - Close with the “X” - Scroll mouse --> GSB crashes
Start GSB - Challenges button - Details button - Download button - “Play the challenge” - Quit button - Go back button - Scroll mouse --> NO crash
Start GSB - Challenges button - Details button - Delete button (own challenges only) - Scroll mouse --> GSB crashes
Replacing “Scroll mouse” with “click on a column header to sort the list” has the same effect!

If I click “Refresh list” button directly after “Close with X” or “Delete button”, then it does NOT crash.

I took a look at the errors.txt:

25/9/2011 - 8::35 - D3DEngine Restore Failed
25/9/2011 - 8::35 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
25/9/2011 - 8::35 - D3DEngine Restore Failed
25/9/2011 - 11::24 - D3DERR_DEVICELOST
25/9/2011 - 11::24 - Flip
25/9/2011 - 11::38 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\SIM_Server.cpp,linenum:478,build:Full 1.58
25/9/2011 - 11::38 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
25/9/2011 - 11::38 - Error creating texture:[.jpg]

There are like hundreds of lines before this, but they are all the same as the first three.

Hope this might help a bit.

I have Always had this problem!
(I’ve been meaning to mention it.)
It has been around through many patches.
I figured it was common enough it would get fixed soon.

To recap,
viewing the details of a challenge, backing out,
then trying to view the details of another challenge
caused the game to crash pretty consistently.

I also get frequent crashes in the Challenges screen.

I have the game from Steam, and I have everything except the Parasites expansion.

It’s pretty frustrating because I feel like I’m in a minefield every time I try to wander through the challenges screen.

Clicking the down arrow, using the mouse scroll, clicking history, clicking details, clicking boxes such as “Personal” or “Downloaded”, clicking an “X” because I don’t have parasites expansion needed for a challenge… all have a chance to just crash the game on me.

I’ve noticed something related to these crashes that I hope helps.

I’ve noticed that after I return to the challenges screen after I clicked a challenge but couldn’t play it because I don’t have the parasites expansion, if I click the “Refresh List” button, I don’t crash any more. In the past, in the same situation, sometimes instead of crashing the list seems to just disappear instead when I mouse scroll-wheel down as my first action after returning to the challenges screen. Just a guess, but perhaps the current listing of challenges gets lost or something when I return to the challenges screen.

Also, and I don’t think it actually fixes this but I thought I’d mention it since it’s a change from what I’ve done in the past, I turned off “screen transitions” recently as well.