Crash on any menu item click

GSB crashes when I try to click on any of the items from the main menu, I just receive a “The application has stopped working, windows is trying to find a solution…” dialog and that’s it.

Running Windows 7 Ultimate, Core2Duo E7500, 2.5 GB RAM, GeForce 9500.


26/12/2009 - 0::30 - D3DERR_DEVICELOST 26/12/2009 - 0::30 - Flip

Any help appreciated.

Hi, this could be a problem with the game drawing the ‘transitions’ from one screen to another. They should auto-disable if they cause problems, but maybe that is not working.
You can turn them off manually by editing a file in \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles, it’s either config.txt or prefs.ini as I recall (not at the dev PC right now). The line is something like TRANSITIONS = 1.0 and you can just set that to zero.
I presume that’s it, although it sounds like your video card should be able to handle them anyway :frowning:

That did the trick, thank you very much.