Crash on clicking "New Game" in Demo

First of all thanks for making a deep and meaningful game. I wish to buy it.
I downloaded the demo for checking it out, and the following is the issue:
The Game installs fine. Clicking on tutorial option works fine.
When i ask it to launch a new game it crashes to desktop.
Cannot attach debug files in this forum. Can send it to you if needed.
My config is as follows:
Dual Graphics Cards (non-SLI): 9800GTX+ and 8600GT (For PhysX effects only, although your game does not need it).
The graphics drivers are the latest: 180.xx
The motherboard drivers are latest too as far as ASUS has:
AMD X2 64-bit dual core with 4GB RAM running Windows XP SP3 and two hard-disks.

Solved the problem by creating a custom profile in nVidia control panel for this game and forcing it to run on one GPU.
It seems if this game encounters two GPUs and is forced to run in Windowed Mode, it crashes.
I retained window mode, but made only one GPU visible to the game. Now it works.
Time to buy the retail version of your game.