crash on launch

I just downloaded this game from Direct2Drive a couple of days ago and love it. It worked for about 2 days on brand new windows 7 pc I fell asleep with the game open last night, this morning my PC had rebooted and the game wouldn’t start:

At frist I was getting a GSB.exe has stopped running windows error and a error box that said something like “(37) parrameter out of range …
src\NTS_Sound 645” (that’s from memory and undoubtedly not exact)

After a recent re-install and ever since then it just flashes a black screen momentarily then quits, no error given

if running in win xp 2k compatibility mode:
ERROR:Failed to find race…\src\SIM_race.cpp 130

I’ve redownloaded, reinstalled, cleared the mygames directory, and even done a system restore to back before I bought the game initally but I still get the same error every time. The version I started with and have been trying to re-install is 1.37.

Please help

interesting. you sure there hasnt been a windows update run in the meantime? could be a new driver that doesnt play nice. You can look in the \mygames\gratuitousspacebattles\debug folder for debug hints, or instead check the windows error logs in:

\control panel \administrative tools\error logs\ windows logs\ application log.

You might find a red warning entry there with details of any application crashes. That often gives a hint regarding hardware related issues,

I have the same proble, I run 1920x1440 and have already tried running at 1600x1200.

Have you tried deleting the \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles folder?


I had the same issue, crash on launch (after Windows Vista update). I deleted the mygames/gratuitousspacebattles folder
and now the game starts again. However, when I go to “online” my code and username have been blanked.

How do I find those again?

P.S. this is the second copy i have paid for and downloaded - one on my XP desktop working fine.
and this one on my vista laptop. they each had their own username so we could challenge each other
over the net but still be in the same room.

This’ll teach me to write the codes down…

Never mind, found the codes, and the problem…it was not windows update.

I had sent some of my ship designs, the *.txt files from my other computer to myself
and saved them on the laptops \my games\gratuitousspacebattles\ships folder.

However, one of the *txt files was not a ship design, once i deleted this “non-design” design it worked.

Aha excellent, glad you got it running.