Crash on Quarterly screen

This is something that seems to happen every so often for me. I’ve tried to narrow it down and I think that it occurs when there is some intermediate pop-up between the Next Turn button and the Quarterly Screen proper. To back up a little bit this is what what normally:

Next Turn - No special event
Quarterly Screen
Everything is fine

What happens when it crashes:

Next Turn - Special event (like going from a deficit to a reserve or an election)
Music Plays and Screen freezes

Usually the problem can be resolved by closing the programme down and loading the autosave; which takes me immediately to the Quarterly Screen, skipping over whatever event the music was about. The exception to this is an election screen, which the autosave loads immediately. Sometimes I’ll have to load the autosave twice to get the continue to next term button but it never properly crashes otherwise.

I think this is not a crash but a long long delay, and is maybe related to fireworks. If you win an election do you get the same problem? (I think you are getting it when you unlock a new achievement…)

I’ve had frequent freezes after the election has finished counting if I haven’t reloaded for a while. I don’t see any fireworks, but there is music playing in the background. Sometimes the buttons come up after the count has finished (reloading also seems to do the trick), but I’ve also had the game just stop responding altogether at that point.

Edit: It does seem to be related to the events firing (awards, etc) as it delays a lot when there is clapping.

I have had something similar. At the end of the count at election, before the percentages are added behind the counted votes.

Beta 1.04

Yeah this is something that I am having a nightmare tracking down…but I will get there! If it helps, the game is almost certainly not crashing, just freezing for an unusual length of time, maybe 20-30 seconds. If you go grab a coffee and come back, I bet its running again. But obviously that’s a workaround and not a proper fix :smiley:

I am still having enormous trouble identifying the cause of this. It does seem to be random and very rare. if anybody notices it happen, could they post the country they were playing, what term they were in, what happened, and ideally what options they might have changed…