Crash on startup using Windows 7

I originally purchased the game and ran it on my Windows Vista computer and everything worked just fine despite being Windows Vista. Well I have a new computer now running Windows 7 64bit and the game will not work. The load screen comes up ?and then everything freezes. If I click the mouse button then the game crashes and Windows tells me the game has stopped working and do I want to close it etc… Is there some kind of issue with this game and Windows 7?

Nope, it was developed on windows 7:D. Almost certainly this is firewall related, or some other security software or setting, so it’s worth toggling anything like that off as a test to verify if that is the cause.
Does it draw the main loading screen? If it draws anything at all, it’s unlikely to be a critical video card issue, unless you don’t have much video memory (unlikely on a W7 machine).
Ultimately, you can email the files from

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug

to me at and I can take a look.

I have actually gotten this problem a few times before. All I had to do was reinstall the game and it worked again.

OK, tried disabling the firewall and game still crashes. Tried reinstalling game…no love, it still crashes. Have emailed in the debug files.

Got same error.
I’ve reinstalled the game but nothing happend. After reinstalling, AND THEN DELETING CONFIG FOLDER FROM “[user_profile]/Documents/My Games”, IT WORKED!

hmmmm, no good for me, i have the same prob, but deleting the config didnt work. however, there is tons of stuff in there that could cause a memory clash or somthing… watever its called.

just to help the way i fixed it was i removed any saved ships that used mod hulls i no longer had in my game