Crash on two different computers

I bought Kudos last night from Yahoo games and kept getting the exact same error message over and over and over again.

Failed to Mute Music:\gui_sounds.cpp158

Desperate to play for longer than half an hour, I installed it on my work computer this morning and it kept crashing again.

PLEASE, I’M DESPERATE. I WANT to play this game so badly! I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me as going through Yahoo Games is impossible.

Thanks so much for your time.

Hmmm this is probably related to your sound drivers. Do you know what make of sound card you have? Its worth checking the manufacturers site for updated sound drivers. I’m pretty sure that should fix it.
Your getting to a bit where its muting the sound, maybe to play the nightclub dance music, or do a crossword, and your sound drivers dont like that.
You can turn off all sound in the game under options, as a last resort.

Well, I’ve updated, uninstalled, reinstalled…blah blah. The weird thing is that I am getting the exact same error message on two completely different comps (1 a Toshiba laptop purchased just a month ago and the other a Dell desktop purchased 3 years ago).

I’m hoping it’s a yahoo thing. I’m going to just buy it from and try to get a refund from yahoo.

i’m crossing my fingers and hoping that works.

I bought Kudos from the website and it works fine. Am loving it. The error i was getting was apparently something having to do with Yahoo so I’m okay now. I’ll try to get a refund from Yahoo.

Thanks for a great game!

How strange, but cool that it all worked out ok.