Crash report

I just experienced a game freeze during the 2nd mission, with the following error report appearing after I Alt-Tabbed:
beam sound duplicate!:.\src\SIM_BeamLaserComponent.cpp 39
(with a regular crash after I clicked OK on the error)
I don’t remember doing anything out of the ordinary when this happened, so I doubt I can duplicate it. (I was using only self-built turrets, but I had completed this mission with the same setup before without it crashing)

Some feedback on creation of a regimental badge. (This is probably non game breaking, low-priority stuff, But It thought I’d mention it anyway)
The varying image options don’t loop. When I reach the last image, and decide I want the first image for my badge, I hadveto click the “previous image” button untill I reach the start of the set. (I expected to be able to click the “next” button to bring me back to the first image)
I also missed a “blank” option for the image (If I don’t want a background image, I have to fiddle with the size and placement untill it is hidden behind the foreground image).
More colours than blue/red/green to choose as background would be nice.

random minor musings:

  • I like the ability to colour code my custom units to easily identify them during combat
  • At first I felt the dogtags dropped by infantry disappeared too quickly, but after a few games I realized the timing is just right on them
  • I hardly use the minimap, It’s a bit too small for my tastes. On the other hand, I don’t feel like I really need it anyway.
  • I don’t like to play on the the fourth map (rue de saint-eloi?); the very bottom bit of road is blocked by the UI (and it’s a hassle to click the “hide units” button every time I want to see what’s there).
  • In general, I like the UI. Only the look of the standard windows mouse pointer seems a bit out-of-place.