Crash to Desktop on Load Savegame

Wanted to continue my last game from yesterday evening.

Game crashes on loading the game. Also crashes when loading “autosave”. When I create a new game or load an even older one it works.

Only mod I’m using is “Legal Drugs & Prostitution”. Doesn’t matter if I deactive it or not, game still crashes when loading said savegames.

Thanks for investigation and fixing.

Both savegames are attached in the zip file. Also my DxDiag.txt. (13.2 KB) (579 KB)

Ha, you are the second person to encounter this.
The prostitution mod had a typo, in that Brothel had been spelled brothal. This was spotted, and the modder apparently fixed it, but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. They also fixed it as a typo in the hidden value the game uses, meaning that existing save games from people who had the spelt-wrong version suddenly all became unusable.
Fortunately it’s an easy fix.
You can open up those save games and do a search for ‘Brothal’ and replace it with ‘brothel’. They will then load and work fine :smiley:

Wow, great, cool. Thanks for replying. Works again now. :slight_smile: