crash trying to load saved designs

I just installed the 1.41 patch, and when I try to load any saved ship designs the game crashes.

This is the error that shows up in the debug file:
“17/6/2010 - 2::59 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_DesignLoader.cpp,linenum:313,build:Full 1.41”
There is nothing I can see that is useful in the windows application error log.

I removed the core game, all dlc’s, and all related directories; and reinstalled just to make sure it wasn’t my system flaking out.

I guess I will ignore this patch and stick with 1.40 until there is a fix.

Got the same crash when trying to load saved designs.
This didn’t happen in the Impulse 1.38 version but appeared with today’s 1.41 release.

This should be fixed in todays 1.42

Has 1.42 been loaded yet?

Update still getting a crash with 1.42 when I load my ships for a battle specifically “Raider’s Dawn” the error message is:

ERROR - FMODFailed to create soundFinle not found.:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 654

I presume thats a modded scneario? in which case you need to see if it works without the mod. Its possible you are just missing a modded file.