[Crash] Turret Mapping Not Found:..\src\SIM_Race.cpp 169

This one is easy to reproduce.

  1. Go to the ship builder
  2. Change to any alliance cruiser hull
  3. Click on a module button other than weapons
  4. Click on the weapon module button
  5. Switch to a non-alliance cruiser hull (I tested it with Valkyre)
  6. Click on the “Fusion Torpedo” weapon module
  7. Crash

Steps 3 and 4 aren’t always necessary, depending on whether or not the weapon modules for the alliance cruiser have already been reloaded. These steps just for it to reload.

It looks like it is happening because the module screen isn’t reloaded when you switch between ships of the same hull class, even if they are of different races. Click on the module not available to that race and ‘boom’.

Gotten a similar error message. See screenshot. Was trying to right-click-edit a valhalla loaded with cloaking modules in most of its slots from the challenge screen.

Edit: Can’t repeat it. :confused:

Got this error message today (BETA 1.06), I believe I was doing the same operation as Omnitronic (right click to edit ship from deployment screen). It was a Rebel Minotaur, if that matters.

Here’s the message log from “debugdata\errors.txt”:

8/9/2009 - 17::9 - Assertion failure:filename:..\src\GUI_DeploymentGUI.cpp,linenum:176,build:Beta 1.06 8/9/2009 - 17::12 - Turret mapping not found:..\src\SIM_Race.cpp 169

I just got this error myself. I was editing a ship from the deployment screen - Imperial Imperator if that matters at all. Version 1.07.

Error Log:

12/9/2009 - 9::29 - Turret mapping not found:..\src\SIM_Race.cpp 169

Strange. This shouldn’t be a problem, as it self-checks on start-up that these are all valid. However, I’m adding a more helpful error message to 1.08, so if it still triggers I will at least know why :frowning:
If it is somehow just bad data, then its a certain combination of race of ship and ship module.

I have found a similar crash error:

Turret mapping not found [turret_plasma_v4]==>[rebel]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 214

I navigated from the main menu to Ship Design

edit: i’m running version 1.21

have you got any mods installed or changed any of the files?

I’ve had this problem and fixed it. got to the star wars mod post and find one of my posts that looks like a race file that i copied and pasted in one of my posts. replace your star wars race file with the one i provided. ONLY THE RACE FILE.

No mods, it’s a vanilla game.

This should only be possible if you somehow use the alliance cruiser plasma in a rebel ship (which should be impossible).

I’m trying to think back what i exactly did to get to this error. But it was definitely not this scenario…

is the game still crashing? two more patches have went through…