Crash when harddrive waking up

The game crashes when entering the ship designer if one of the hard drives are sleeping.
I have two separate physical HDs. Game is installed on the C drive. My F drive goes to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity (just used for storage). Whenever I enter the ship designer it for some reason tries to wake up my F drive even though the game is not installed there. When the F drive has woken up the game crashes. This happens every time if my F drive is sleeping, never otherwise.
I have the steam version of the game.

That’s weird. I can’t imagine what causes it. Is steam on the F drive maybe? The game should be oblivious to what happens on other discs.

No, steam is on the C drive. But this may be just coincidence. After playing it quite a bit today it did crash quite a lot for no apparent reasons when entering the ship designer. This game is extremely crash prone.

Yup, that crash is currently being tested for a fix, which should be out very soon.